Monthly Archives: July 2010

Intel Celebrates 10 Years of Support for the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network

Yesterday evening the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit kicked off at Northeastern University. For those of you who don’t know, the Teen Summit is a bi-annual conference held in Boston, the location of the flagship Computer Clubhouse. The Teen … Read more >

Intel Solar Installations in California and Arizona Switched On

In January, we announced Intel’s plans to build seven new solar projects in four U.S. states. This commitment includes ground and roof-mounted solar electric facilities that can produce approximately 2.8 million watts of power, enough to power over 400 U.S. … Read more >

Cultivating Innovative Talents – A platform to explore effective methods

How can we develop learning environments, build mechanisms and establish resources to help cultivate innovative talents? That was the topic of discussion of the Education Innovation forum hosted by Intel China and Tsinghua University last week in Beijing. This was … Read more >