What Do Intel Chips and Sam Adams Beer Have In Common?

On June 2, 2010, Paul Otellini and Jim Koch (founder and CEO of Boston Beer, brewers of Sam Adams) each accepted awards from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP*).

Intel was recognized for the tremendous global success and impact of the Intel® Teach Program, which has provided training to more than 7 million teachers all around the world. Paul accepted the Tiffany crystal piece representing the highest recognition CECP offers, the Chairman’s Award “for the best corporate philanthropy initiative by a company with revenues over $20 billion.” Enjoy the video CECP produced to recognize Intel’s efforts.

Through Intel Teach, millions of teachers around the world have learned how to transform the way they teach, taking full advantage of the richness offered by the internet and computing technology. These teachers shift themselves off center stage in their classroom, and instead serve as coaches and guides to their students, enabling them to lead and shape their own education. The demands of the 21st century workplace call for individuals who can solve problems, think critically, collaborate, communicate, innovate – and continue learning throughout their lives. Intel Teach has been instrumental in bringing these changes to classrooms from Portland to Portugal, from Chile to China over the last decade. I got to lead the creation of this program ten years ago, and am as proud of what we have accomplished in the last decade as I am of anything I have ever been involved in. Dozens of other Intel folks can take a bow as well.

In addition to Boston Beer, CECP recognized General Mills and Partners in Health. The programs honored ranged from Boston Beer’s micro-lending and mentoring program for small businesses in the Boston Area to General Mills’ African Women & Children Hunger Program, which supports women farmers. Partners in Health was recognized for its partnership with Eli Lily focusing on eradicating multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Russia. Intel was in very good company last week – and the Sam Adams beer was pretty darn tasty!

**CECP was co-founded in 2000 by Paul Newman and several other farsighted business leaders as a means to recognize and encourage the generosity and civic engagement of corporate America – the kind of vision that led Mr. Newman to create Newman’s Own and dedicate all profits to charity. In the years since, this organization has become a leading voice in the field. In addition to recognizing corporate philanthropic leadership, CECP is the key provider of data that allows corporations to benchmark their giving programs and drive continuous improvement, both individually and as a sector.*