Progress Thru Processors

What if you could make a difference, help make the world a better place, by simply turning on your computer? Intel has joined forces with Facebook so you can do just that. Together they are offering a new application that can turn your spare computer processing power into computing energy for organizations seeking to fight disease and study climate change. How? Processor power is donated from your CPU to organizations such as Rosetta@home, which uses that energy to help find cures for diseases such as HIV and Alzheimer’s. Check out the Progress thru Processors Facebook page for more details and find out how your CPU can use its idle time to power these worthy efforts.

1 thought on “Progress Thru Processors

  1. This is great, and I’m all for it…but:
    “Allowing Progress Thru Processors access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work.”
    I’m sorry, but that’s a terrible identity flaw and I (and I’m sure many others) can’t participate in it until it’s fixed.

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