Ispired by Intel ISEF

Since joining Intel last July I’ve been involved in some pretty exciting events and programs including IDF, CES 09 and the Esquire House. The events I’m most proud of though are Intel’s education programs like the Intel Science Talent Search (STS) and next week’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair!

Both STS and ISEF are science fairs recognizing and rewarding the next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors and inventors. The biggest difference between the two competitions is the scope, STS is 40 finalists from the US while ISEF is 1500+ participants from across the globe!

After my experience this past March at STS in Washington D.C. where the finalists got to meet President Obama (totally jealous), and winner Eric Larson took home a $100,000 scholarship for his work with Fusion Categories I can’t wait to arrive in Reno NV on Sunday when the ISEF competition will begin. There are going to be some very cool and very timely projects on the show floor this year including:

  • Eric Van Dyk- project on hands free cell phone use and distracted driving
  • Anna Simpson- robot that can to clean oil spills
  • Cecilia Thomas- project on more affective antibiotics

I’ll be sharing updates through blogging, twittering, videos and photos all next week from ground zero in Reno! Also, keep an eye on for more from the competition.