Awed and finding the “ah ha” moment at ISEF

This is day three of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, taking place all week in Reno, NV. High School students representing 47 countries come to present their very complex research (some of them have patents pending) and exhibits from biology, to physics, to computing engineering. These students are competing for millions of dollars in college scholarships, and bragging rights

Walking through the exhibits and talking with some of the students I am truly awed by the depth of their passion, knowledge and interest in making the world a better place through innovation.

My one big ah ha moment came when talking with students from Uganda, they asked me what kind of music I liked, (ahem, I am a bit older than these teenagers); and I mentioned a few groups, and they we like them too. I though okay, teens are teens around the world, and their interests are very similar regardless of where they come from.

I am so proud of all of them.