From Small Things Great Things Indeed Come

For those of you who have not heard about the Small Things Challenge, the premise is that with a simple click thru on a website, an individual can initiate a .25 cent donation to a fund that aids education and economic development in areas throughout the world in need of assistance. How? By clicking a button on the Small Things Challenge website, Intel will donate 25 cents for you. It’s that simple. With just one click, you can become an advocate to increase access to education and encourage economic stability in developing countries. With a second click, you can forward the website URL to friends, family, and colleagues and encourage their advocacy. For every click-thru Intel will donate 25 cents, up to $300,000 this year, to be split equally between the Save the Children and Kiva organizations.

So what’s the challenge? It is to read and click and share. It is to create awareness. And help educate those of us who spend our days immersed in ecosystems dedicated to commerce, about the 80% of humanity who lives on less than $10 a day. By reading, clicking and passing it on, you can make a difference. It’s that simple.

Click here to see what Craig Barrett has to say about why Intel is so committed to the program.


1 thought on “From Small Things Great Things Indeed Come

  1. Great idea, I already put the link on several social websites ( twitter , digg , reddit , facebook) and I encourage other readers to do so.
    Could be a nice viral marketing to make people learn more about Intel commitment to CSR and charities. I m happy to participate.

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