Do you have a PSP?

Before you answer that, let me clarify. No, it’s not the latest gaming device. It’s a Personal Sustainability Project.

It was one of the many ideas that Adam Werbach covered in his keynote at the Boston College for Corporate Citizenship Conference this week in San Francisco. The idea is that one small action can bring sustainability into each person’s daily life and help employees become happier and healthier by connecting them to higher purpose that involves themselves, co-workers, family, community and planet.

So here’s mine: Stop using plastic bags at home and paper cups at the office.

What’s yours?

1 thought on “Do you have a PSP?

  1. Great examples!
    It’s certainly all about awareness and being conscientious of how small changes can make a huge difference. For example, thinking about how much energy it took to make a paper napkin and hence taking one instead of a heaping pile. Thinking about how much clean water is being wasted by leaving the faucet on when brushing one’s teeth, and hence turning it off in between brushing. They might seem little, but it all adds up, so thanks for raising the issue!

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