From Ideas to Entrepreneurship – the Finals

Day 2 – Today we have embarked upon the finals of the Intel Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Nine teams have been named as finalists. They include teams from Poland, India, Canada, Mexico, China, USA and Singapore.

Judging the teams were individuals from the venture capital industry – people who judge business plans for their “day job”. They were viewing these presentations and business plans with both the critical eye of a judge but also a eye to would this product be viable in the “real world”. The judges commented that the quality of the teams and the technology draw them to the program. It provides a venue for the best technology, students who “think outside of the box” bringing a global view to silicon valley and just the traditional biz plan contest venue providing new ideas and concepts. Finally, it allows these VC’s also to connect directly with companies and some have followed up directly with the teams for further discussion.

The teams entered the judging room one team at a time – for a 15 minute presentation on their idea. The pitches were well prepared and very different. The first presentation looked to transition the toxic leather production in China to an ecofriendly process. Following this lead were teams looking to create “new skin” saving burn victims, neuro implants addressing epilitic seizures, new materials to provide clothing that “breath” and virtual routers allowing remote application execution on existing hardware networks.

We have enterered the deliberation stage and the teams are waiting the judges decisions. While the time stretches the teams share their impressions, expertises and learning.

Next Blog – the decisions