“Inspire” me!

Got a story about education? I want to hear it. I especially want to hear about the people and events that have inspired you, changed your world, made a difference. “Inspire” (www.inspiredbyeducation.com) me!

You might think that a company of engineers like Intel would be all about data. And you’d be right – BUT, that doesn’t mean that people here don’t also love a good story. On August 1, we are kicking off an invitation for you to tell us yours.

“Inspire” is a community for all of us with stories to tell about our personal experiences in education – a ‘place’ where we can learn more from each other, get energized and actually do something about giving every kid the best opportunity that a great education can buy.

I’m excited about the folks who have already signed up to share their stories – people like Oprah correspondent Lisa Ling, soccer star Landon Donovan, creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson, and education activist/reformer Steve Barr. Come and talk to us, talk to them – you’ll be in good company.

I’ve been working in education for more than 30 years, 18 of them here at Intel. In the past decade alone we have invested more than $1 Billion in support of education. We work with governments and decision makers on policy. I helped start Intel Teach – professional development that has reached more than 5 Million teachers. We provide cutting edge curricula, offer kids exciting places to explore technology and help their communities, and encourage young inventors and scientists. Many of you are players in one of our stories.

Please come and join us at the Inspire Community at www.inspiredbyeducation.com. You can also visit the Inspire page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Intel-Inspire/32855637280 or – if you can duck under the age limit – follow Inspire on Twitter at www.twitter.com/intelinspire. In fact you can connect to the action via Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Propeller, too – whatever your interface of choice might be. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Great to see inspiration integrated with the corporate world. We too believe in the power of inspiration. Please check out InspireMeToday.com and let me know how we can support your efforts. We always achieve more together.
    Thank you!
    Gail Lynne Goodwin
    Ambassador of Inspiration

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