Video: Shelbinator’s Nerdagedden at Intel ISEF 2008 by Shelbinator

With a storyteller’s spark and an engineer’s eye, the Shelbinator whipped up this fun “for those who care about science” video. He shot it during his visits to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair on Sunday and Monday while students were setting up their projects, meeting each other and exchanging pins.

In his post, Shelby Highsmith was gracious to invite anyone who might be in Atlanta to drop in and see for themselves:

It’s open to the public on Thursday, the 15th, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in building B of the Georgia World Congress Center and it’s free, so you really have no excuse. Well, maybe you do, but if you aren’t doing anything, I highly recommend you satisfy your inner nerd and check it out. (The students will be on hand to explain their stuff from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

So come join us!

Earlier today on the ISEF08 team blog, we posted some photos “Our Future is in Their Hands” with a collection of cool photos like this:


Here are a few photos I shot on the scene today, just before official judging began:

Robot RoVAAR at Intel ISEF 2008

Bionic Arms at Intel ISEF 2008

Facial Analysis at Intel ISEF 2008

Electrokinetics at Intel ISEF 2008

Welcome Intel ISEF 2008 Students from 50+ Countries

3 thoughts on “Video: Shelbinator’s Nerdagedden at Intel ISEF 2008 by Shelbinator

  1. I can’t wait for Thursday! I had no idea how much brainpower I would see at ISEF. These are truly impressive kids. I’m on the verge of my PhD at Tech and I still had no idea how half of them did what they did!

  2. Hey,
    Ur video is excellent
    My sis is also in there (PS316) Pooja c is indian.
    If u can tk a video do mail it to me []..
    if u can plz mail this video too.

  3. @Shelbinator — Hope to see you tomorrow. It will be jam packed here.
    @Shanu — what a fortunate sister you have in one another! Thanks for the tip. I will try to find Pooja (PS316) on Thursday during the public opening. I’ll try to capture her during the mad rush!

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