Video: First Look at Science Ideas and Excitement from ISEF

My Intel pal Mark Pettinger and his video crew caught up with some young scientists setting on up on the first day of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The excitement and thrill from students arriving on the scene at ISEF….getting ready for the big competition!

In this video, you’ll see:

Tricycle with medicine grip stand that allows kids fighting cancer to play inside the hospital

Will appearance of each presidential candidate determine how you’ll vote this November?

Wouldn’t it be smart if your motorbike couldn’t start until you put your helmet on?

improved thermal imaging could help robots during search and rescue

So many great ideas coming to life! With the right dose of reality and ample encouragment, we’re bound to see some of these experiments make an impact in our lives someday.

Would the helmet, tricycle or other projects in the video help anyone you know?

2 thoughts on “Video: First Look at Science Ideas and Excitement from ISEF

  1. These kids are awesome. I’m amazed at the creativity shown in many of these projects, as well as the self assured ability to explain their projects to the camera.
    Thanks for the first look into what is sure to be a very scientifically exciting ISEF! Can’t wait for more in-depth looks at some of their projects…

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