VIDEO: Worldwide Science Wizkid Competition

Innovative, young change agents. They are gathering to change the world for the better and collect a chunk of change to help pay their way to college. That’s what’s happening at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) May 11-16 in Atlanta, GA.

It’s world’s largest annual international pre-college (grades 9-12) science competition where some 1,500 high school students from over 50 countries are showing their research projects and vying for more than $3 million in awards and scholarships. Voice of America just aired an informative audio report about the science fair.

Here’s a video looking back at last year’s contestants and ahead towards a new class of competitors who are hitting the road this week for Intel ISEF 2008. You get to see Dr. Oren Shriki, the passionate science teacher from the Israel Arts and Sciences Academy, who shares his love for working with young scientists who are naturally creative, eager, determined yet still impressionable.

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I remember my first science competition — that’s already a quarter of a century ago! I explored the function of the diaphragm and it’s role in breathing. I wouldn’t stand a chance against the competition today.

There are students from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Germany, Slovakia, China, South Africa Costa Rica, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt and many other countries. Three students are arriving from Thailand, including one who will demonstrate a musical instrument sound analysis and recognition system. A few other projects we’ll see include:

A Cell-specific Approach for Early Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy of Oral Cancer

An Integral System for Eliminating Environmental Pollution Resulting from Vehicles

Quest for Affordable Bio-Diesel: Characterizing Microbes for Conversion of the Bio-Diesel By-Product Glycerol

Bionic Arm: An Application of Electromagnetics

This will be my first trip to Atlanta, and my first chance at experiencing the annual gathering of top science savvy students. I’ll be there helping students, teachers and organizers share their great stories from the event. So let me know what you’re interested in, and I’ll try capturing and sharing what you’d most like to see.

If you’re at the event, leave a note here and we can find a good and place time to meet. I’m hoping for the chance to meet Science Woman Sciencewomen, Geek Dad Ken Denmead and other bloggers attending the event.

If you’re in the competition, join the Intel ISEF members only Facebook Group.

Here are some great ways to join us and stay in tune with the race to the finish:

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If you like sharing your inspiration, check out Inspire, where you can post a text snippet or upload a video about how a teacher, class or education project positively impacted your life.

Good luck and safe travels to everyone on the road to Intel ISEF!