It’s the little things, really

My boss’ boss sent us all an email.

The content was important and I read it with interest, but what really caught my attention was this little graphic and tagline at the bottom:


It’s a remarkable thing. I personally hardly ever print out emails, but I know quite a few people who do. Multiply that by a few hundred thousand people and a real impact to the environment begins to show up.

I have a friend who doesn’t vote. Even in this year’s exciting campaign, she refuses to cast a ballot because she feels it doesn’t make any difference. I can see her point to some degree when I think of the people who were disappointed with how the election went last time around, especially in Florida. But, being the optimist that I am, I still think a single person, as well as a seemingly simple statement innocuously appended to an email, can make a big difference.

I sent an email to my boss’ boss to give her props for role modeling the Think Global, Act Local mantra. Her reply: She had nothing to do with it, she said, it was her admin’s idea. Well kudos to her too.

Since I’ve attached it to my emails, I’ve seen the little green thing popping up in replies I get nowadays. I think the thing’s gone viral.

Feel free to join in by using this little item as a tagline in your emails. It’s a very easy way to express your commitment to going green…..

3 Responses to It’s the little things, really

  1. Javed Lodhi says:

    Go green! I started sending emails with the same line after reading this blog and I am already getting many replies with the same line in one day so I would agree, it’s one person who can start to make a difference lest we realize.

  2. Perry Gruber says:

    I swear, I don’t get it what it is about this little green tag. Seems you’re getting the same response I have. It’s really amazing how it just kind of takes off. Thanks for joining the cause that really isn’t a cause at all!

  3. Javed Lodhi says:

    Couldn’t agree more Perry, very true! I mean yes the little green tag is getting an amazing response, I guess people are realizing the importance of it and let’s hope we get more and more people on board.
    I am glad to be on board already, you never know that this could become a major cause 🙂