Final Judgement Day at Intel ISEF — Pick Your Winner

The judges are hours away from tallying their votes and selecting winners for this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Intel sponsored Sciencewoman to participate as a expert blogger and “ology” science competition judge, and she has been sharing her experiences through photos on her science blog. There are some great comments on some of her blog posts already. Did you know she’s an ISEF alumni?

I was a nervous high school student competing at ISEF, sharing my research with the judges, and making friends from across the country. Science fairs were easily the most influential part of my pre-college education and probably the sole reason that I am a scientist today. Science fairs took a nerdy, socially awkward, bookworm and transformed her into someone with speaking, writing, investigative skills, and with confidence to take on the world. I’m not exaggerating here.

If you want to jump into the ring as an unofficial judge, here is a growing collection of videos with students from around the world describing their competing ISEF projects on our YouTube Channel Intel.

Here’s one project I just saw — Mind Mouse, controlling your computer with your mind!

Tomorrow — Thursday, May 15 — the doors open FREE to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in building B of the Georgia World Congress Center. Come get your heavy dose of humility and inspiration along with GeekDad, Shelbinator and thousands of science hungry minds.

This place will be packed! Bring your camera!