So…Where have I been? Even I’m hard pressed to answer that.

Good question. Buried, and I mean buried in work. This is report season for those of us working on sustainability reports. Couple that with recent work on the Intel’s annual report, proxy statement, communication strategies, annual strategy revisions, external commitments, etc, etc. and it means I don’t have as much time to tap out a blog post as I’d like.

I started this out on a plane from back from SFO to PHX after speaking at the Carbon Footprint Consumer Product Conference. My job at the conference was to help lay out the business case for a clear carbon strategy – in 30min or less. My slides are here – Download file.

Note to emerging CSR/Sustainability professionals: If you haven’t become conversant on the economic dynamics of the carbon markets taking shape (including the regulatory framework), you better get up to speed quickly.

Could the fact that more than 4 Carbon/Climate conferences were on-going simultaneously in a single city (SF) this week be a clue? Uhh – YES!

I arrived in SF Monday night and after fighting with the hotel wireless system for an eternity, set out for a dinner meeting with John Davies, Vice President

Green Technology Research & Sustainability Peer Forum. He publishes some interesting research on a range of sustainability topics.

Tuesday morning, I had a good conversation with Craig Rubens from the earth2tech blog. He asked me a lot of questions on a range of topics, but included 5 in his recent post on his site.

I spent about a half-day at the conference and was really impressed by how fast this agenda is moving from rhetoric to action. Everyone has a lot of work to get done, but the debate had matured quite a bit from this group’s past conference last fall in Chicago.

This is just scratching the surface. If you are interested in other news keeping us busy, please check out the Winter Edition of our CSR Newsletter.

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  1. Dave – It was nice to see you in SF for the Carbon Footprint Summit and I look forward to next time. Until then, hope reporting goes well and you have time to poke your head up for air every now and again. 🙂

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