It’s Data-Driven: CRO Magazine names Intel “Best Corporate Citizen”

Today, CRO published its annual “100 Best Corporate Citizens List” – and Intel was awarded the #1 spot. So, why is this award so special to Intel?

The award is special to Intel for a number of reasons; of course, it’s a honor to be recognized. And for the many employees that work at these metrics every day, how nice for them to have others notice. But the #1 reason for me is that the award is data driven. Not influenced by how much a company spends to tell the story, but the story itself. Intel has been reporting our health and safety record for well over a decade, and this year’s annual report will contain the 7th CSR annual report. We pride ourselves on the quality and processes that we go through in order to be a proud, thoughtful member of the community. And it’s a real honor for us to be recognized in this way.

But don’t take our word for it, take it from Jay Whitehead, Publisher of CRO Magazine on the 100 Best List.

1 thought on “It’s Data-Driven: CRO Magazine names Intel “Best Corporate Citizen”

  1. I was just reading about Intel’s latest award as the #1 corporate citizen and I was moved to write.
    I was an employee of Intel many years ago – almost at the beginning. I was an admin, working with the engineers who were working on the development of the 4004, 4040, 8008 and 8080 chips…yes, THAT long ago! Some of the names from folks in my area – Bill Davidow, Hal Feeney, Justin Rattner, Jim Lally, Larry Goff, Terry Opdendyke, Sam Chiina, Jack Carsten, Ted Hoff. It was an amazing time and place.
    Even then, it was a great place to work – I was fresh out of junior college and wanted to get in on this “computer revolution”. Intel gave me a chance. I eventually earned the responsibility for getting user manuals and data sheets out to customers and engineering students and groups for those chips. And everything was done manually – no PCs back then! Calls would come in, an order was hand written and the documents went out in the next day’s mail. I had no idea the size of the impact this group and their work would make on the world. I just knew that I loved my job and the people around me.
    I had to leave Intel after just a couple of years to return east because of a family issue. That was a sad day. I never forgot how well I was treated, how much I learned while I was there, and how proud I was to tell anyone that I had worked for Intel.
    Today I own a promotional marketing company and am back in California . I still own my Intel stock and I’m still proud to be an “alumni” of Building B – Intel. I’m glad to see the corporate culture I loved so much is still alive and well.
    Much continued success!
    Joanne (Rush) Worrall

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