Craig Barrett answers the Davos Question

Intel Chairman Craig Barrett answers Davos question

One of the attractions at the World Economic Forum this year is YouTube’s “Davos Conversation” booth. But it’s easy to miss – positioned in one of the dozens of passageways within the Congress Centre you might walk right by the small row of non-descript monitors and stools. That is until you notice the likes of Bono, Henry Kissinger or Intel’s Craig Barrett speaking into a small camera.

YouTube is asking the “Davos Question” — “What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?” Any and all Davos attendees or any YouTube users are invited to answer this question (yes, even you). Craig’s take on this one was simple – Education. Check out the video here.

And for more of Intel’s point of view – you can also check out videos from Intel’s Bruce Sewell, VP and General Counsel – and also Will Swope, VP of Corporate Affairs.

2 thoughts on “Craig Barrett answers the Davos Question

  1. Very nice and agree we need education as well as resources too. I had made a “tongue and cheek” post on my health care blog asking for an ear from Intel in reference to the FDA. I keep seeing articles about how the FDA doesn’t have enough resources, especially computers for some of the top level folks in the agency and put out a request for some “Classmates”, again a suggestion to parody the lack of resources they need, and also excuse the picture of the little green computer as that was done only to attract viewers as everyone seems to know the device due to recent publicity and drive home the fact that there are affordable computers out there.
    At any rate it was just a simple request to see if Intel can help out some of those folks who reportedly are at high levels of responsibility and lack a computer and other related resources. If this is in fact true, can Intel shed some light here for these folks making these all important decisions today that we all reserve and respect as the highest authority relative to safe health care? I hope this was a proper arena for my question and thanks for listening.

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