Yearly Archives: 2008

mechanisms for change: can YOU be part of the solution?

Last week I blogged about some recent studies which indicate that ICT has an important role to play in combating climate change. One question that came up was, aside from good policies, how are the carbon emission savings outlined in … Read more >

What does climate change have to do with corporate governance?

It used to be that conversations about corporate governance and environmental management happened in separate circles. The governance folks focused their energy on lamenting egregious pay packages and accounting scandals, leaving the more touchy-feely environmental topics to others. But over … Read more >

The data behind ICT and climate change

On Nov 25th, my colleague Stephen Harper blogged about the role of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in combating climate change, and outlined some policies that Intel, through DESC, are pursuing to allow the solutions potential of ICT to be realized. … Read more >

What does one million hours mean?

The economic news is constant. The 24×7 news cycle bombards us all with information about the economy; $700 billion bailout, 1.2M U.S. jobs trimmed in 2008; Chinese Government pledges $586B stimulus; trillions lost in global financial markets and much more. … Read more >

What do cheetahs and technology have in common?

Did you know that in Namibia, Africa – 25 million acres of land are choked by invasive thorn bushes, which then make agriculture impossible and alter the water cycle thereby threatening life for humans and animals, like the cheetah? And … Read more >