Joining the Blog Action Day

The Blog Action Day is a praiseworthy voluntary blogospheric effort, designated to draw the attention of the world for one day to one important subject – the environment.

During this web event, which will take place on October 15th, thousands of bloggers from all around the world will publish a blog post dedicated to an environmental Issue and create a discussion “towards a better future” as the organizers hope.

We have decided to actively join this important initiative. Please join too.

Update: With over 19,974 blogs participating in the Blog Action Day, i had a feeling some interesting posts would come up – and i was right! Here are a few recommended posts i came across yesterday you might like:

· The Top 35 Environmental Blogs at Read/Write Web -A wonderful and useful list of environmental & green blogs.

· You the Consumer at Lifehack – “Most of the environmental destruction we face in the world today has its roots in the choices that we make every day as consumers” – find out how’s that and what to do about it.

· Building Momentum: How Blog Action Day Got Going at NorthxEast – A great post telling the story of the Blog Action Day. This is a great reading for any company who blogs about enviormental responsibility and wonders how to attract attention to the subject.

· 5 Ways Save the World, While Getting Fitter, Saving Money, Simplifying, and Becoming Happier at ZenHabits – A very long and detailed post about the ways and benefits of saving the environment.

4 thoughts on “Joining the Blog Action Day

  1. It’s been about 3 1/2 months since Blog Action Day. It’s hard to measure the impact, but I am seeing some of my friends in my industry blog more about “green” building materials.
    I might be an odd bird, but I am a Minneapolis real estate agent who thinks that people should consider building their homes out of dirt.
    Here’s a post I wrote about the wonders of building with “cob.” Please share it with your readers any way you wish. I would like to provoke some thinking about this idea.

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