The Latest Global Sustainability Index

It’s not often that a sound business and sustainability/CSR strategy turns into something that 90,000 people can be personally proud of. Today is one of those times. The annual Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) were published this week for 2007/2008. I think it’s great that Intel is included in the Index – not only for the 9th YEAR IN A ROW, but as the SOLE U.S. COMPANY SECTOR LEADER. I take that placement personally – and I know a lot of other Intel employees do too. In fact they all should.

Coordinating the content and responses to the DJSI assessment is a challenge. It involves many people and many business groups. It stretches our thinking and gives us much food for thought.

While we might have spent a minute being proud about the results, I’ve already received several emails internally asking why we weren’t better in one category or another. Congratulations DJSI for making us even better year over year.

You can read the Intel press release here.

And see our Supersector Leader Profile here.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Global Sustainability Index

  1. “It stretches our thinking and gives us much food for thought.”

    Way to lead by example! This is why more American companies should follow Intel’s lead here. Congratulations and keep it up!

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