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I like what Alice Shell wrote in her blog: “In terms of a talent management practice, satisfied employees are productive employees and have high retention rates. Attention to corporate social responsibility is not just good citizenship, it’s good business.”


I strongly believe that our main and most important target audience is our employees. Lately, we have seen increased media awareness of CSR. The general public is also increasingly sensitive and attuned to global CSR issues. Our employees embody both of these trends: They are more aware of the issues and are therefore more sensitive to Intel’s CSR efforts than ever before.

I have a great story that demonstrates the impact that CSR activities have on employees. One of the community activities in which Intel Israel is involved is called “Positive Thinking +.” In this project, dozens of employees volunteer to teach math throughout the school year to hundreds of high-school students from low socioeconomic areas in order to help them succeed in the matriculation exams.

Last year, Intel decided to sell its communications and application processor business to Marvell. The Intel employees who were about to move over to Marvell requested a solution that would enable them to continue contributing to the community in the framework of the “Positive Thinking +” project. Their request did not fall on deaf ears. Marvell not only agreed to join Intel in this community project, but also to fund part of it and permit those employees to continue volunteering.

Engage employees with CSR – here are my five:

1.Link CSR to business goals and have the executive management talk about it in public (e.g., events/interviews).

2.•Foster employees’ company pride and motivation by means of an ongoing mechanism of internal CSR news and communications.

3.• Make CSR a significant part of Intel’s image by getting employees to play an active part in various CSR activities (e.g., volunteering).

4.• Have employees serve as CSR ambassadors by familiarizing them with the company’s CSR report, activities and plans.

5.• Last but not least, acknowledge your employees when they contribute to CSR activities .

What’s Your Sixth?

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