Making technology with a mind towards the environment

1 thought on “Making technology with a mind towards the environment

  1. This is great stuff, I am a strong believer in being as green as possible. Energy efficiency is extremely important to me as well. That is why I bought your competitors chip, the AMD Athlon x2 vs your Pentium D. Now you have Core 2 duo which completely blows those two away as far as performance per watt…depressing really as soon as I buy something it is so outdated and last year, if I had the funds I’d go core 2 duo. But anyways, I’m glad to see Intel get rid of lead, it will be less poisons in our house, less poisons in the landfill, less from the factories of Intel. I find solutions to these problems so interesting. The work in engineering that goes into it must be fun and challenging. Finding a new substance for the high-k gate certainly was no easy task. Hopefully I get the chance to intern at Intel sometime! Keep up the good work and continue to be as green as you can be, it is a good thing and people do notice!

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