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Is 45 is the new 60, or Rodney Dangerfield?

In just 45 days, Intel will honor the 60th anniversary of the invention of the transistor. On December 16th, 1947 the first practical point-contact transistor was built at Bell Labs. Transistors are the fundamental on/off electrical switches for every device … Read more >

IDF Taipei Session: Realizing the Vision of “All Day and Beyond”

Catching the tail end of this session, Troy Renken from Z-Power showed off some of the ways their silver-zinc battery technology outperforms lithium-ion through, among other things: polymerized zinc anode resistant to changes in shape; separator stack resistant to zinc … Read more >

IDF Taipei Session: Ultra Mobile Platforms: Vision and Overview

In his session this afternoon, Bruce Fleming pointed out, among other things, that for ultramobile devices, more efficient web page rendering leads to lower load times. And lower is better. As a web developer, dramatic bandwidth improvements and much higher … Read more >

IDF Taipei Keynote: Technology Insight—Software

In his Keynote this afternoon, one of Wen-Hann Wang’s interesting discussion points was Intel’s tack with regard to the web and, in particular, social media. Softwarecommunity.intel.com and coolsw.intel.com were just a couple of the community initiatives highlighted by Dr. Wang. … Read more >