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IEEE 802.16m to the Rescue: Meeting the Exploding Mobile Internet Data Demand

Guest repost from goingWimax.com by Sanjiv Gupta, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel. Commercially available Mobile WiMAX is here! Major networks have successfully rolled out worldwide with Clearwire in the U.S., UQ Communications in Japan, and Yota in Russia taking … Read more >

They Peeked Inside Dan’s Press Sample Cabinet

A few months back I gave you a glimpse “inside my press sample cabinet,” and boy did you respond! From San Francisco to Reykjavik to Rome people had all kinds of ideas how to put samples to use. We received … Read more >

IDF Taipei Session: Designing Energy-Efficient Motherboards

On the flight to Taipei, I was seated next to Doug Huard, an Intel motherboard engineer. In this capacity, he’s working more energy efficient motherboard designs and held a session on that topic Monday, taking a look at motherboard features, … Read more >