Profile: Kevin Kahn

I joined Intel in 1976 after completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Purdue University (and after an M.S. there and a B.S. in Math from Manhattan College in my hometown of New York). I would never have predicted then that over 3 decades later I would still be at Intel, which was then a very small semiconductor company. However, the work and the challenges here always stayed interesting and over the years I have gotten to reinvent myself technically a number of times, from OS guy to general software architect to processor architect and for the last decade or so to communications. I am now an Intel Senior Fellow and Director of the Communications Technology Lab, a corporate advanced development and research lab in Intel’s Corporate Technology Group that is responsible for all communications technologies including radio, optical, and copper physical layer technologies, CMOS communications circuits work, packet processing, and higher layer protocols. Additionally, I am very interested in how these technologies intersect with public policy, particularly in areas like spectrum use, and so I also help drive communications strategies and policy for the corporation. I also coordinate our Communications Research Council, which oversees research activities between Intel and academic programs. Finally I get to do a lot of things external to Intel including serving on the FCC Technological Advisory Council, the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council, the Department of Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee, and on various academic advisory committees.