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Intel and EXOS Partner to Provide Clarity around Wearable Data

Fitness wearable devices can capture every heartbeat and step we take, leading to a proliferation of human performance data, but there is a great disconnect between deciphering what it all means and how to effectively act upon it. For wearables … Read more >

EUV Lithography – Progress on the Journey to Manufacturing Magic

SPIE’s annual Advanced Lithography conference is underway, and as Intel’s Britt Turkot, senior principal engineer in Logic Technology Development Lithography, described in her keynote, significant strides have been made in EUV lithography over the past year taking the technology from … Read more >

Intel Introduces Intel® XMMTM 7480 Modem for Ultrafast Connectivity and Worldwide LTE Coverage in a Single SKU

High-speed mobile broadband continues to enrich our daily lives with increasingly useful and entertaining applications. Whether you are streaming a movie to your tablet or doing real-time multiplayer gaming on your smartphone, incredible improvements to network speed and device technology … Read more >

Intel is Acquiring Ascending Technologies for Dones that See and Sense

Intel Acquires Ascending Technologies

Drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are quickly emerging as an important computing platform of the future. With practical applications ranging from disaster response, to infrastructure inspection, to delivery of goods, UAVs offer an incredible opportunity for … Read more >

Combining Technology and Tradition: Intel, TAG Heuer and Google Create First Swiss Luxury Connected Watch

Combining Technology and Tradition: Intel, TAG Heuer and Google Create First Swiss Luxury Connected Watch Today at a press conference hosted at the historic LVMH Tower in New York, Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer & President of the LVMH … Read more >

Saffron Naturally Smarter image

Intel Acquires Saffron for Cognitive Computing

One of the exciting advancements in computer science is the emergence of cognitive computing – software that combines the power of computing with brain-like intelligence to solve and even anticipate complex problems. That’s why I’m excited to share that Intel … Read more >