Intel Introduces Intel® XMMTM 7480 Modem for Ultrafast Connectivity and Worldwide LTE Coverage in a Single SKU

High-speed mobile broadband continues to enrich our daily lives with increasingly useful and entertaining applications. Whether you are streaming a movie to your tablet or doing real-time multiplayer gaming on your smartphone, incredible improvements to network speed and device technology put these capabilities at your fingertips.

Today, we introduced the Intel® XMM™ 7480, our fourth-generation LTE-Advanced modem, to support the coming wave of new mobile experiences for smartphones, tablets and PCs. The Intel XMM 7480 is designed to deliver high-quality, high-speed voice and data, as well as provide users with broad mobile coverage on cellular networks around the world.

This is the board for the Intel XMM 7480 LTE modem.

This is the board for the Intel XMM 7480 LTE modem.

Providing global mobile coverage is a great challenge. The mobile spectrum is becoming increasingly fragmented across geographic regions, making it difficult to design mobile devices that can operate around the world. As a result, device manufacturers frequently make multiple versions of their devices – called SKUs – for use in different geographic markets. But this can make both the design process and the supply chain complex and expensive, and poses a challenge for mobile operators.

We created the Intel XMM 7480 modem to simplify the design of high-performance mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The Intel XMM 7480 modem supports more simultaneous LTE bands in a single SKU than any other LTE modem – more than 33 bands. This enables OEMs to achieve worldwide mobile data coverage with just one device SKU, thereby reducing their development time and costs.

The Intel XMM 7480 is one of the industry’s first LTE modems supporting 4x carrier aggregation, with up to 60 MHz combined bandwidth. It also supports combined FDD and TDD carriers without limitations on the band combinations. These capabilities help mitigate the difficulties of spectrum fragmentation and enable mobile operators to make the best use of their mixed FDD and TDD spectrum assets.

Power efficiency is also very important. The Intel XMM 7480 modem is designed to optimize power usage and preserve battery life. Our new modem features the new Intel® Amp Track envelope tracker module, which continuously adjusts voltage applied to the power amplifier to ensure peak operational efficiency of data transmission. This feature and other enhancements help reduce the Intel XMM 7480’s power consumption and heat signature, enabling OEMs to integrate it into smaller devices that are heat- and power-sensitive.

The Intel XMM 7480 modem is both power-efficient and high-performing. The modem delivers peak download speeds of up to 450 Mbps, which makes it well-suited to the mass market LTE-Advanced services expected in the next several years. It also includes other features such as Enhanced Voice Service (EVS) to improve voice call performance and enhanced dual-SIM, dual standby (eDSDS) to enable multi-subscription support on a single device.

We think the Intel XMM 7480 modem provides the mobile ecosystem with a unique combination of features to deliver amazing mobile experiences, and we look forward to customers sampling it in the second half of 2016.

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