Intel Recommends Public Policy Principles for Artificial Intelligence

By Naveen Rao on
By Naveen Rao, Vice President and General Manager, Artificial Intelligence Products Group The computational advances of the past few years have enabled a new era of innovation – one in which machines can analyze vast amounts of data and find … Read more >

Intel joins Human Rights Campaign amicus brief regarding Title VII

By Intel Blog Admin on
Today, Intel joined an amicus brief filed by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) with the US Supreme Court in the case of Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital. The case was brought by a hospital security guard who sued her former … Read more >

Intel Collaborates to Unveil a National IoT Policy Strategy

By Margie Dickman on
By Marjorie Dickman, Global Director and Associate General Counsel, Automated Driving and IoT Policy Today, Intel is unveiling a milestone Internet of Things (IoT) policy report on Capitol Hill, along with our National IoT Strategy Dialogue partners: Samsung, the Information … Read more >

Designing Privacy into Artificial Intelligence

By David Hoffman on
By David Hoffman, Global Privacy Officer for Intel At the 39th International Conference of the Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong, Intel’s Worapat Patram spoke on the need to capture ethical obligations in artificial intelligence implementations. Mr. Patram … Read more >