Meet the Bloggers

Mark Pontarelli

MPontarelli-1ark Pontarelli is the General Manager of Intel’s New Business Initiatives group, an internal incubator chartered with identifying and seeding growth options for the company. Entrepreneurship is central to Mark’s role at Intel where he serves as coach and mentor to new business ventures. Mark has held various engineering, architecture, strategy, and business roles at Intel over the last 15 years. Mark has filed over a dozen patents and earned his B.S. in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech.



Ravi Iyer

ravi_4x6_smallRavi Iyer is an Intel Fellow and Director of Technology in Intel’s New Business Initiatives (NBI) group. He leads technology innovation/incubation efforts and has made significant contributions from low-power system-on-chip wearable/IOT devices to high performance multi-core server architectures including novel cores, innovative cache/memory hierarchies, QoS, accelerators, algorithms/workloads and performance/power analysis. Ravi has published over 150 papers, filed over 50 patents and actively participates in conferences and journals. Ravi is an IEEE Fellow.