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A Tribute to Women Who Inspire (from Stephanie)

Note from the editor: In honor of International Women’s History Month, Zella, our Women’s Initiative Program Manager, has connected with some of the many inspirational women at Intel to ask about their role models. Catch up on the other posts … Read more >

A Tribute to Women Who Inspire (from Sylvia)

Note from the editor: While Old Man Winter hasn’t quite left us yet, we’ve started to experience the sun (and rain) that comes with spring. Along with the transition of winter to spring, March is dedicated to pay tribute to … Read more >

Putting Out Fires, Intel Style.

Volunteering isn’t just an activity around Intel, it’s a part of our culture and a responsibility that all of our employees share and the company values. When Intel employees give their time, Intel matches those efforts with dollars. Every time Intel … Read more >

Managing with Care: How to Make Your Career Work with Family Challenges

Note from the editor: One of my first posts on this blog 4 years ago (!!) was about flexibility and how much I appreciated the flexibility that Intel offered to me. Then I read this post from Jennifer and realized … Read more >