Opportunities for Non-Techies at High-tech Company

What do you think of when you meet a student who dreams about building a career with Intel? You’d probably assume he or she is a technical person, working towards a hardware or software engineering degree. You’re only half right. Sure, he or she could be a technical student, but I’m guessing many of you would not think of this person as a finance, marketing or HR student.

Yes, Intel is a technology company but, as new technical innovations and breakthroughs appear, someone has to be responsible for the company budget, hire the brightest talent and help spread the word on how far we have gone in building the future. I’m sure that Intel wouldn’t excel as much as we have without our key support functions.

The funny thing is when I was a student I was too shy to approach Intel’s booth at the local career fair, thinking they are looking only for developers or computer science gurus. The truth is we are also looking for talented non-tech folks. So, my advice to you non-techies out there is to just take the leap and check out what Intel has to offer.

You’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog, why not take the next step and check out Jobs at Intel and apply to our non-tech positions. We also hire students for our internships across the globe during the whole academic year. We welcome finance, marketing, business, economics, HR and PR students, possessing strong communication and teamwork skills. You should be ready to work in a dynamic, fast-changing environment with minimum supervision.

While you’re at it, you may also want to check out some employees’ stories on Life at Intel to discover what it’s like to work as a non-techie in a high-tech world from the people who do!

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10 Responses to Opportunities for Non-Techies at High-tech Company

  1. Gorriona says:

    I have a reversed situation – and if I am a TECHNICAL student but I´m looking for a position in MARKETING..is that possible with INTEL??Thanks a lot in advance

  2. Arz says:

    Well, sounds really interesting, but I don’t think this is the way Intel-Israel deals with it.
    I must admit that I’m a bit disappointed from the way Intel deals with the candidates.
    I’m a 29 years old MBA student. I already hold a legal degree (LLB) and worked for couple of years as an attorney of law, after I finished a clerkship year at the supreme court in Israel.
    By now I’ve finished the first year of the MBA program at the Technion in Israel, with 87.5 GPA.
    During the last year Ive applyed for different student jobs in Israel and abroad, and I didn’t receive a phone call or even an email..
    I wonder how come that a global company with almost 90,000 employees has nothing to offer for a student with a background like mine.
    If as MBA student with good GPA and recommendation is not enough for Intel, then I’m really suspicious if Intel really is intrested in non-techies..
    anyway, nice post.. good job

  3. Mariya says:

    Hi Inna,
    Thank you for your question. We indeed receive many questions of this type during career events. Yes, this is quite possible with Intel. If you possess strong communication and teamwork skills that I’ve mentioned in my post and are open to acquiring new knowledge, please send us your application for a position in marketing and we will consider it. Your technical background can be really beneficial. You might be particularly interested in the technical marketing department at Intel. These are technical folks who interact with external customers, deliver presentations about our products and do many other exciting things.
    Please check the available opportunities at http://www.intel.com/jobs

  4. Maayan says:

    Hi Arz. Intel Israel indeed hires many non-technical students to the campuses around the Israeli site each year. You are invited to view the positions currently available on http://www.intel.co.il/students. Some examples of non-tech positions currently open in the Haifa campus include: Staffing Consultant Student – 580774, Academic Relations Student – 575943, Employee Communications Intern – 580418, CS FinanceStudent LC/JER/Haifa – 579660. It is possible that you were not contacted due to the fact that the positions’ requirements included a B.A degree in fields such as finance (for the financial department) or psychology/human resources (for the human resources department), but we would be glad to look into your application and check your status if you would like to send us your full name (either here or through http://www.facebook.com/intelstudentsspot. You would then be contacted for further steps if a match would be found between yourself and an available position. Important to note that students working in Israel are required to have a minimum of 3 full semesters remaining until graduation in order to be relevant for a an intern position. We would be glad to look into your application and you will be contacted for further steps if a match will be found between yourself and an available position. Until then, you are welcome to update your application from time to time. Best of luck!

  5. It is a popular misconception that Tech companies may not need non-techies for work.
    Working for Intel in non-technical fields is a great option.

  6. Jenna says:

    Hello! My name is Jenna Goldfarb and I am currently living in Chicago, IL. I moved here from New York a year ago to begin a masters program in Human Resources at Loyola University Chicago. Upon my completion of the program in early November of 2010, I plan on moving to Israel. I have been researching employment possibilities, and the role of Human Resources across different companies in Israel; so far Intel has really stood out. Being from America, I am already familiar with the company and its reputation, and would love the opportunity to work for Intel in Israel. I check the Intel Job page regularly, but everything that I am seeing (especially in Haifa where I would like to live) is geared toward those with years of HR experience, or those returning to school after an internship. Does anyone have advice for me on where to begin or the types of roles that I should be looking for? My bachelors degree is in Psychology, and I will have a masters in Human Resources and Employment Relations come early November of this year. As far as work experience, I have a year of management experience and a year of part time recruiting experience. Thank you for any advice that you may have!
    Sincerely, Jenna

  7. Hi Jenna. Firstly, all the best with your upcoming move! Regarding your question – at this time all of the positions open in HR Israel are student positions (open to advanced degree students -M.A or PhD -during which hired students work 3-4 days a week throughout their years of studies). From time to time there are also full-time positions that may require significant experience in specific fields as you’ve noticed. If you choose to pursue an additional degree during your time at Israel, a student position based in Haifa may be relevant. In addition, our website is continually updated with positions that are opening so it’s recommended viewing it from time to time in order to check if any full-time positions for recent graduates have opened. Best of luck!

  8. Puneet Arora says:

    Thanks for this wonderful blog. i completed my engg degree in 2009 and now i am pursuing MBA from india. i am looking for an internship program at Intel Europe. is that possible with intel, if yes what will be the procedure to apply?…thanks in advance.

  9. @Puneet, That’s quite possible. I would recommend you the following steps. Please review available positions for the countries you are interested in on our Jobs at Intel site at http://www.intel.com/jobs , create a candidate profile and apply for the positions that are appealing for you. Staffing Specialists will then consider you application for these positions. Good luck!