Yes, we’re still hiring!

Hi Students! If you’re still looking for a job, we’re still looking to hire for full-time positions in 2010! You can express your interest by applying directly against openings you see on our job listings on our Jobs at Intel site.

We also are still in the midst of intern hiring for this summer and the upcoming fall semester. You should see quite a few open internship positions on our job search page . We’ve completed most of our on-campus recruiting for this semester, so if you see positions online that you’re interested in and qualified for, please do express your interest by applying directly to those positions!

We’ll be back in full force on campus in the fall to start recruiting for positions in 2011; in the meantime, we hope to continue engaging with you through this blog and we hope to see your applications online! We’ll be posting more information about our fall plans in our August and September blogs.

On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed blogging with you over the past year! Thanks so much for following along and for all of the great comments/questions you’ve submitted. We’re going to try something a little different going forward. Instead of just me blogging, some of my team members from the US College team are going to join in on the fun. You’ll still have a real person reading and answering your comments, but it just won’t be me all the time anymore. Stay tuned as we get the rest of my team members on board: we’ll have their profiles up on the “Meet the Bloggers” section soon!

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33 Responses to Yes, we’re still hiring!

  1. Bhagirathsinh says:

    Hi Dani,
    Just wanted to know that if California State University, Sacramento there on your list of universities for on campus recruitment.
    Thank you.

  2. Preethi says:

    Hi Dani,
    This is kinda off topic but I wanted to ask this.
    I interviewed with Intel over the phone a month back and havent got results yet. I emailed the HR many times but havent got a response. Is there a way I can get her phone number and get in touch?

  3. Dani Napier says:

    @Bhagirathsinh, Cal State Sacramento is not one of the campuses our US College team visits on a regular basis. We certainly don’t stop hires from great schools and you should still apply! Unfortunately we just can’t go to as many schools as we would like to.
    @Ankit, We will hire international students for internships and full-time positions where there are demonstrated shortages of US applicants. We don’t have a shortage of US MBA applicants, so we would most likely not hire an international student for an MBA internship or full-time position.

  4. Niharika says:

    I have applied many times at intel and I got a call for an interview , but a week before the interview I was told due to hiring freeze the interview is cancelled. I am waiting from past two years ,but I havent heard a word from intel. I do have the conatct details of the manager at intel but nothing seems to work out. I need your help in this regard.

  5. Elena Tsyvyan says:

    What should I do if I don’t find any position connected with my specialization? Computational linguistics, information retrieval, natural language processing. Sure you need such a kind of specialists! I’ve sent my CV to, but I can’t apply because I don’t see where=) Thanks.

  6. Arun Ram Mohan says:

    I have applied for the job F11X Process Engineer 569767. I submitted my resume and cover letter. In response to my submission, the system says that an email will be sent to me confirming this action. But i have not received one so far. May i know what i should do. I need your help in this issue.
    Kind regards

  7. Dani Napier says:

    @Niharika, The hiring manager is probably not responding because they felt the matter was closed when the interview was cancelled. The best approach is to continue, as it seems you have, to apply to additional positions. We do appreciate your interest in Intel and wish you the best.
    @Elena, Although we do have intern and full-time positions available, we don’t necessarily have positions in all fields, particularly as specific as the ones you mention below. If you have completed a profile at, then it is available to hiring teams who constantly search to match profiles with open positions. Also please continue to visit the website as jobs change on a regular basis.

  8. Sejal says:

    Hi Arun! You should have received a confirmation email upon submitting an application. Have you checked your junk mail folder or added Intel to your email account’s safe-sender list? That might be a reason why you didn’t see it, or there might be an issue within your candidate profile. We have a team that specifically supports our application process and can have them look into the issue for you. Please fill out a short form ( and our team will find the answer. Also, you can visit our Candidate Help Desk ( for more detailed information and FAQs.

  9. Arun Ram Mohan says:

    Hi Sejal
    I submitted my application by creating a new account and received a confirmation email. I appreciate you all for spending your valuable time and paying attention to this issue. Thanks.
    Best Regards
    Arun Ram Mohan

  10. Sid says:

    Hi Dani, I am new to Jobs@Intel blog but I am finding it as a very useful tool. I am an engineering student in a Canadian university and I am interested in doing an internship in Intel. I didn’t find any student(intern) opening in Intel-Canada. Intel- USA has a wide range of internships. Can I apply to Intel-USA and what are the chances of getting an internship? Please provide some suggestions.Thank you.

  11. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Sid,
    We do hire Canadian students into our US internships. The application process is the same for all candidates. I can’t give you accurate information on your chances… That is anyone’s guess. I can tell you that your likelihood of being selected increases the better fit you are for the role.
    Take care,eh?

  12. Sid says:

    Thank you for your quick response. What is the best time period to apply for internships in USA if I am looking for an internship in Jan 2011 and does Intel offer 4 months internship?

  13. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Sid,
    The best time to apply given your requirement is probably Aug/Sept timeframe. Make sure you keep your profile fresh and up to date, applying for internships you feel you are best fit for. We do hire students for internships that last anywhere between 3-12 months.

  14. Niharika says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I am in contact with the manager and he says that he is no longer a manager now, I have applied to many positions, I am not sure if Intel is hiring students without any recommendation and employee referrals . I heard from my friends that Intel hires only first based on referrals is it true.
    I have been called by the manager but as I said , the next I heard from him was hiring freeze. After that I have applied for many positions but haven’t heard anything from Intel.

  15. Dani says:

    Hi Niharika,
    Intel hires the most qualified candidate for the position. We value referrals and we have a process by where if we’ve met you on campus and you meet our minimum requirements, you are given a referral in our candidate database.
    The manager you contacted has communicated with you several times and for one reason or another, no longer has a position available. You are not exempt from applying or being considered from other jobs. Continue to apply to those jobs that are a fit for you. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to tell everyone the status of their application. Applicants do hear when a position they have applied for is closed.

  16. K Ramano says:

    Hi Dani,
    I have one question regarding RCG position for Intel.
    Actually I have already passed my 18 months of graduation date.
    Recently I have been interviewed by one of the team at Intel(On site).
    If interview has positive feedback, Can they hire me, as my 18 months is over (Graduated in Aug 08)
    K Ramani

  17. Dani says:

    Hi K! If it’s a question of a few weeks over the 18 month period, then there’s a chance an exception would be made and you could still be considered for an RCG position. If it’s more than a few weeks, experienced reqs are the way to go. Good luck!

  18. Pemala Gurung says:

    Hi Dani,
    i’m a new user of jobs@intel. I’m a BScIT(distance) student from Bangalore,India and will be in my 5th semister next month. I am very much interested to work with intel but i have no idea if they provide intership or work to undergraduate students. I could see that USA provides intern to a lot of students. please suggest.

  19. Bob Danani says:

    Hey Dani, I am a Computer Science Post Graduate Student majoring in High Performance Computing. Does INTEL USA offer any internship for international candidates in the Software Engineering area? Do you have any INTEL USA employees’ email address that I can contact to discuss the internship opportunity?

  20. Nafsa says:

    Hello Dani,
    I have recently graduated with Ph.d in solid state physics from US university with three years of research experiences in low temperature and high magnetic field and also have some experience in neutron diffraction.
    I want to know if there is any entry level job for recent college graduate in research scientist position. I am a foreign national with F1/OPT. At present, I am working on a short term research project. Please let me know how to proceed for this.
    Thank you for your time and help.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Hi Nafsa, we should absolutely have some openings posted for your background. Your best bet is to visit our jobs at our student center! We have already done a lot of our New Grad hiring, but new positions still continue to be posted and we tend to hire PhDs year round! Best of luck and here is the link to our student center:

  22. k s sharma says:

    dear sejal, intel hiring freeze in aug-2011 to sep-2011 because i have given tel. interview for vlsi in 9 and 11 aug-2011 for portland and austin, i have passed out ms degree in usc-CA may-2011 please clerify

  23. Sejal says:

    Hi K, Intel is currently assessing our hiring plans for the remainder of the year. This effort is to ensure we carefully plan the remaining hires for the year. We are on track to have the best year in our company’s history and as such, we want to ensure we stay on that track. We expect our planning cycle to take a couple of weeks. Once the planning is complete, we will be able to execute the remaining hiring plans. I would follow up with your staffing consultant periodically (maybe in a few weeks) to see if there is any update. Thank you for your patience!

  24. j says:

    Sejal- I have interviewed in mid Aug 11′. I have not received a rejection but have been told to wait. It has been about 5 weeks and I do not know where I stand. Is this usual for Intel?

  25. baba says:

    Hello Everyone !!
    I had onsite interview in Aug just like J.
    So,I haven’t received any confirmation from Intel Managers till now regarding my status.Let me know when the Hiring Freeze going to get over.

  26. Tanmoy says:

    Hi Sejal, I was interviewed on 16th September with Intel Mobile Communication for the position of a Field Tester at Bangaluru, INDIA. HR ask all the necessary documents necessary for offer process and then all of a sudden they asked me to wait. It has been 5 weeks since then and I am not sure of my position right now. Is this common that we need to wait for such long time before getting offer ?

  27. Chami says:

    Hi Dani,
    About a month ago I was contacted by Intel for a phone interview for a position of process engineer; but it was cancelled one hour before the scheduled time. I received an email from the manager saying that he would contact me within a week but never heard back. Is it due to a hiring freeze? Do I still have a hope?
    I have done my undergraduate in physics and the curiosity how they include more than thousands of transistor, resistors and capacitors in 741 OpAmp made me come to USA and pursue studies in Electrical Engineering. I have dual masters in Physics and Engineering and will be graduating with my PhD soon. I have taken and have been also TA for IC processing I & II and MEMS I & II classes. I’m eager to work in Intel type chip manufacturing company and did all I can to prepare myself for that. I mastered all most all the cleanroom processing and testing equipment that are in our University Nano Center. I have a solid background in device physics and have taught undergraduate Semiconductor Device class as an instructor in Spring Semester. I proposed my own PhD project that lead to more than ¼ million NSF funding. Unfortunately, I don’t have many papers. How can I get the attention of a Intel recruiter to demonstrate my capabilities?

  28. Ram says:

    Hi j: I have interviewed in first week of Sep-11. When I follw-up with HR after two weeks, she told me that Intel is currently holding on issuing any new offers. The situation will be “on-hold” until the first quarter of next year.

  29. Sejal says:

    @Ram, thanks for sharing your experience and @Cam Chi for helping answer @j, @baba, @Tanmoy, @Chami, and @sidJ
    It’s not a hiring freeze—we’re currently looking at our hiring plans for the rest of the year to make sure we carefully plan our remaining hires for 2011. The planning cycle will take a few weeks and once it’s complete, we’ll be able to execute on the remaining hiring plan. Unfortunately the timing came right after your interview which could be why you haven’t heard. I would remain in contact with your recruiter or staffing consultant and check back in a few weeks with them. You’ve already gotten the attention of an Intel recruiter if there was a phone interview planned at one point. I would check online to see if a position that matches you opens up and apply. You can also join our Intel Student Lounge on LinkedIn to stay in the loop on upcoming opportunities.
    @Tanmoy, Are you sure about your interview date? September 16 was just over a week ago… The time between an interview and the next step varies as there are lots of moving factors to coordinate and get together. And as you’ve read above, we’re evaluating our hiring plans for the rest of the year.
    Thanks for your patience! Also–this blog post will be closed for further comments (it’s over a year old!) but check out some of our newer blog posts and chat with us there!