Work at Intel? Hmmm…Why Not?

It is still fresh in my mind when Intel came to my university during my second year to offer scholarships. I got excited and wanted to apply but, deep inside my heart, I had this uncomfortable feeling: fear. Yes…***fear lah***! Fear of if I could perform well in Intel. Fear of if I could cope with the work load. Fear of if I would fit in this multi-national company. Those were the negative thoughts that were mingling in my mind.

Then I asked myself, “Why should I be afraid of Intel? ” and, “What do I know about Intel?” These questions urged me to find out more so I could understand Intel. This was what I found out…

• Intel, a company that is well known for its advanced technology in semiconductors, is a world leader in microprocessors and chipsets.

• Intel Malaysia is actually the first and largest offshore Intel Site. It has 11k employees, spread across Penang and Kulim. It has more that 30 years of Assembly and Test experience, not only in high volume manufacturing but also in Research and Technology, R&D.

• I was attracted to Intel because of its diversity in terms of workforce; be it from different races, gender (male vs. female) or different sorts of background.

• Intel Malaysia is known as a company that actively supports community work and contributes to Malaysian education. Some of Intel Malaysia’s recognitions include: National Occupation Safety and Health Award (1995, 2001, 2005), National HR Excellence Award (2002), Intel Diversity Award (2001), Best Environmentally Kept Industry in Kedah (2003), Best Electronic Company (MNC) in Kedah (2003), Chief Minister Award for State Cooperatives (2005), and being awarded over 30 patents.

Learning this information got me excited and convinced me to go in for the interview… and guess what? I got the scholarship :) ! Now I am working in Intel, have had various jobs experiences, and am very happy with the ‘Great Place to Work’ environment that Intel practices. What I learned is don’t judge a book by its cover; don’t simply judge and make negative perceptions of anyone, any situation or anything without learning more. It is all about perception. I was lucky that I was not carried away with my fear factor and negative perception towards Intel. Understand the person, situation or anything in depth before making a conclusion. Therefore, I urge you out there to learn more about Intel and then I gladly invite you to join us by submitting your resume at Jobs at Intel

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30 Responses to Work at Intel? Hmmm…Why Not?

  1. ain~ says:

    hye!i’m nur ain from penang.I feel very interested to do my diploma intern at intel.I do really interested.My aunt also support me to do intern at intel because she had join intel for a long time.Now,i am second year student of electrical engineering at uni. malaysia perlis.How can i apply for the intern?

  2. Noor Asbakh says:

    Hi Nur Ain,
    Thanks for your interest in pursuing your internship with us. Unfortunately, we in Intel Malaysia accept degree holder only. By the way, thanks for visiting our blog.

  3. Sunil M. Pai says:

    Hi..I am Sunil Pai from Chennai..currently pursuing my Masters in VLSI Design…I have 3yrs of work experience in Back-end Designing and 6months expereince in Front-end Designing…As part of my 2nd year project, I want to pursue Internship in Intel in due course of my study..kindly help me

  4. Sejal says:

    Hi Sunil! Sounds like you have quite an impressive background. Have you visited yet? If not, please create a candidate profile and apply to open requisitions that are a match and of interest to you. Good luck!

  5. Mirza Yusof says:

    Hi, i’m mirza yusof from UniKL MFI. I’ve something to ask. Does MFI graduates have good reputations in Intel?

  6. Anthony says:

    Hi Noor,
    I’m so excited to find out that there’s a blog here on Intel’s website that was made by a Malaysian. I have a few questions here, maybe you could guide me through. I’m currently pursuing my BS Degree in Electrical Engineering in San Jose State University. I’m in senior year, graduating in December this year. I’m an F1 student currently studying in the U.S. and my hometown is in Penang. I have been thinking to apply as an intern at Intel Penang Branch for the summer (June – August) since I’m coming back to Penang for vacation. My questions are: How long does the intern position last? What are the qualifications that are required to apply as an intern? Since I’m currently in the U.S., how should the interview be if i was to be considered as an intern candidate? I hope you can clear out a little bit of my doubt. Thanks in advance.

  7. Noor Asbakh says:

    Hi Anthony! Thank You for your interest in pursuing your internship with Intel. For you 1st question, the internship window at Intel Malaysia can be from 3 months to 12 months. The longer the internship, the better for us. The requirement is that the candidate’s CGPA must be 3.0 or higher. You can apply to the internship through by uploading your CV Once you apply, please trigger me by replying to this blog and we will review your resume and call you up for a phone interview if you meet the requirements. Thanks!

  8. Sunil says:

    Hi Sejal,
    I have applied to some of the open internship requisitions with the resume uploaded. Kindly let me know after the review.

  9. Chen fu lim says:

    Can anybody help me understand the salary range at Intel Penang(Malaysia)for sr. Analog IC Design Engineers position with 6 yrs. of experience.

  10. Noor Asbakh says:

    Hi Chen! The compensation package (salary and benefits) offered to candidates varies based on a few factors such as experience, education, skill set, etc. Unfortunately there is no set rules or guidelines we can share around the salary portion. Rest assured that Intel does benchmark regularly to ensure that our compensation packages are competitive. Hope that helps!

  11. shahzad Iqbal says:

    i have applied for a job of Graduate Intern Technical.i am in pakistan and intel usually doesnt come here fore recruitment.i was wondering how can i reach the interview table.

  12. Sejal says:

    Hi Shahzad! All of our job postings are listed on our careers site at Being a match for the position and meeting the requirements (which includes having the permanent right to work in the country of the position) will help you continue in the recruiting process. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  13. Khairul says:

    Hi. I’m a fresh grad (Bsc. (Hons) in IT) from KLMU applying for the government funded intern technical (NCITIES program) at Intel Penang. My question is there a chance that when I finish my internship at Intel, then I will get a permanent position at Intel Penang. Thank you.

  14. Sejal says:

    Hi Khairul! There is a chance at the end of your internship that you may receive a full-time offer, but that depends on the openings that are available as well as your performance during the internship. Many people consider internships as “long interviews”—both for you and the company. It allows you to “try” a company out to see if it fits you and vice versa. However, even if it’s a perfect match (culture-wise), and your perform well, there needs to be an opening based on our needs and that matches your skills.

  15. Mirza Yusof says:

    Hi there,
    I am really honored to be called for an interview at Intel last month.It has been already 3 weeks. Then, I got a call that Intel received my resume for another job post and considering to call if I am eligible for an interview. Usually, for a second interview like this especially for another post application, does Intel use my 1st interview as a reference?

  16. Sejal says:

    Hi Mirza! Congratulations on the interview requests! Every position you apply for and interview for at Intel is treated individually, so no, your first interview wasn’t used as a reference. You may want to mention that you are currently interviewing for another position at Intel when you go to your second interview. Good luck!

  17. hua hua says:

    Hi,I’m Elaine from Shenzhen, China. I have +5 years working experience in customer service/purchasing in American company. I’am so interested in Intel, and found some job chances at Shenzhen, China, may I ask what the Shenzhen office is like, it’s for after-sales or sth else? And what kind of employees you are expecting, generally?

  18. Asha Gopal says:

    Hi! I’m Asha, a 2010 B.E graduate in Information Science and Engineering. I wanted to know if graduates are also provided with internships at Intel…Kindly help with a reply…Thank you…

  19. Sejal says:

    Hi Asha! One of the requirements for an internship is that the intern be a current student or returning back to classes following the internship. If you are a graduate, I would recommend looking at the RCG (recent college graduate) openings we have. To see these, visit our Jobs at Intel site at and conduct a search based on your interests and skill set. If there are no openings at the moment, create a candidate profile and be sure to check back as new positions open up all the time!

  20. Syafiq says:

    Hi! I’m Syafiq, BEng student in Computer Engineering. I interested to join R&D Engineer position after I graduate the programme of initial professional development (IPD). Can I get the position and join the Intel? Which department for this position?

  21. Sejal says:

    Hi Syafiq! Intel Labs does a lot of R&D but you can do research in many of our groups. I would search the current openings and use “research” as one of your key words. Good luck!

  22. Johan says:

    Hi guys..I wanna there any opening/opportunity for Sales and Marketing in Intel?? Interested to work with big and stable company like Intel but currently holding degree nothing related to sales and marketing. However i have many years of experience working in sales and marketing field. Looking at Intel it seems like they focuses more to IT background. Hope to get good news from u guys (^_^).

    • Sejal says:

      Hi Johan! All of our open positions are listed on our Jobs at Intel site, have you checked there? Use the filters “Sales” and “Marketing” to help you find an opening. If there isn’t anything open at the moment, check back as new positions are always opening up. Good luck!

  23. Tridib Saha says:

    Hi I got a call from Intel for internship. The person on the phone, Mr. Jamil or someone, didn’t mention the position exactly. All he said was internship. I applied for graduate internship and I want it. But not undergrad internship. I tried calling back, but there is no way to reach the caller. Is there any way to find out what internship it was?

    • Sejal says:

      Hi Tridib, I looked you up in the system and couldn’t tell what position you were considered for. I am reaching out to my partners in Malaysia for their help and hope to have an update for you soon. Standby…

  24. Aaron says:

    Hi guys! I’m Aaron from Penang, and I just finished my degree programme at Australia. As I’m looking to work in Penang, doing so at Intel has crossed my mind. What I’m not so sure of, though, is whether I’m really fit for this or not. Because my background is of Creative Arts and Mass Communication (Broadcasting/Media), hence I have not gotten myself involved in the Information Technology field before. Are there positions similar to that, or would such a difference won’t really matter anyway? As I’m not sure how I would do. Thanks!