Yes, students, having your resume online really does matter

We, the U.S, college recruiting team, know that every student’s least favorite thing to hear at a career fair is “just put your resume online” but it really is an important part of the process. We are a big company and we use web-based tools to manage the large volume of candidates we have; however, it’s a bit more involved than “just putting your resume online”. Having an online profile is a necessary component of the process, but there’s more to it.


When we (me or any of my team members) meet you on campus we do an initial screen of your qualifications to work for us (Intel hires for a very diverse array of skill sets, but we do have some minimum qualifications that apply to all candidates, including GPA, and right to work/controlled country considerations for certain positions). Provided you meet those basic qualifications, we take your resume back to the office and start a profile for you. This is the same profile you can create for yourself on Jobs at Intel; however, we flag you as a “real-live” person who we’ve actually had a conversation with and deemed is a fit for Intel at a basic level. This flag gives you priority during the search process when recruiters and hiring managers are looking to fill open requisitions. That means that the time you spend in line at a career fair or conference really does make a difference!


If we don’t come to your campus, don’t despair. We are still interested in you as a candidate for our college graduate and intern positions. Because we can’t visit every campus, we focus on a subset of universities. We recognize that there are brilliant students at universities across the nation and we certainly hope that you will consider creating a profile on our site too!


So what happens after you have a profile with us? We encourage you to regularly check the open positions we have posted at Student Center. You can apply directly for job openings on our site, which is the best way for you to communicate to a manager that you are interested in his or her position. In addition, once your profile is created, Intel recruiters are able to match you to open positions based on your skills sets.


Managers will contact those candidates they want to interview directly (usually via the phone) to do a more in-depth assessment of your skills, interests and “fit” for the position. If you are interviewing for an internship position, manager decisions are usually made based on your phone interviews. If you are interviewing for a full-time position, you will normally have an initial phone interview, followed by a day of on-site interviews to give Intel a chance to get to know you better and to give you an opportunity to check out the area where you might be living in as well as the people you’d be working with.


I hope this post gives a little more insight to what students sometimes describe to me as “the black hole” of recruiting.






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77 Responses to Yes, students, having your resume online really does matter

  1. Krishna says:

    That was so encouraging and definitely gave us more insight into the hiring process.Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve applied to this position:
    Software Engineer – Full-time
    Mexico-Mexico, Guadalajara
    Posting Date:May 21, 2009 – Job Number: 566467
    Job Status: Active (Accepting Job Submissions)
    How can I verified is my application was reviewed?

  3. Dani says:

    For those of you inquiring about whether your applications to specific positions have been reviewed, here is how that process works. When you apply directly to a job, a recruiter sees your application and resume. The recruiter then creates a “short list” of the most qualified candidates to pass along to the hiring manager. The hiring manager then interviews those candidates to make a hiring decision. If you’ve applied to a job, rest assured that one of our recruiters has viewed your application and given it to the manager if you are highly qualified for the position.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of job openings at Intel everyday. Does these openings really exist or it is just a way to keep up the spirits going, that too considering the present economic situation

  5. Dani says:

    They are real job openings! Intel does not post openings we do not intend to fill. There are some cases where you might come across what we call a “seed requisition”. A seed requisition does not represent an individual job, but instead a family of jobs for which we are looking for people with a certain profile. Seed requisitions make up a very small percentage of those jobs posted online, so the large majority of the positions you see posted are real jobs that we are looking to fill in the near term.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In the current economic situation, when do you think Intel will get to back to hiring recent college graduates as it used to do a year back.

  7. kirteshvora says:

    How would I know that I am in the short list or I am not selected for the specific application.
    Because I applied for several position and I didnt get any reply from Intel

  8. varatharajan says:

    jun 17 /VARATHA RAJAN said: I see a lot of job opening at the intel campony . I would like to apply technicion if have job vacancy please call me anyware anytime.

  9. Dani says:

    As a matter of fact, Intel never stopped hiring recent college graduates (RCGs). We hired approximately 800 RCGs worldwide to start in 2009 (we did the bulk of the hiring for those positions in the fall semester of 2008). We will also be hiring RCGs to start in 2010. Look for us on campus this upcoming fall semester!

  10. Reddy says:

    Hi Dani, Is Intel not hiring anymore RCGs for rest of 2009. Do we get opportunities back again only at start of 2010?

  11. Vidhu says:

    Hello Dani,
    Could you please tell me if there is any way we could follow up regarding a particular job application after online submission? Or you would advise me to just wait for some response?

  12. Dani says:

    We’re pleased to inform you that we’ve made several recent improvements to our Jobs at Intel applicant tool, with more on the way! You can now browse and apply to jobs using ‘My Job Cart’ and periodically check the ‘Job Status’ and ‘Submission Status’ for those jobs by logging into your Candidate Profile and viewing the tab ‘My Jobpage’.
    You would also know if you were on the short list (i.e., under consideration for an interview) for a specific job, because an Intel representative would have contacted you to gauge your interest and availability. A Staffing representative or the hiring manager also notifies all candidates who were on the short list (and beyond) when a job position is filled.

  13. Dani says:

    In general Intel is not hiring any more RCGs for the balance of 2009, although you might see a few open positions posted over the next few months so it’s a good idea to check in at periodically. We will be back on college campuses in the fall semester actively recruiting RCGs to start in 2010. Hope to see you then!

  14. Resume is the first way for present your self before the job providers.some times miner mistakes create many problems.when update online resume then it,s too necessary that it is fully correct for presentation.
    it is too nice and important article every students and job hunters .
    Keep up the great work!
    jasmine willson
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  15. Soumik says:

    Hello,I am about to graduate by may 2010 and have already applied to jobs & intern positions online but didnt get any reply from has been over 2 weeks.When is Intel going to start its interview process for RCG 2010?A little insight will reduce my anxiety!!

  16. Hi Soumik, good question. Our hiring for 2010 occurs on a rolling basis, there is no one cutoff date. You will see new positions open and positions that have been filled close regularly. Typically for recent college graduate positions, a requisition might be open for a month or two. Once the list of candidates to interview has been finalized, you will either receive a communication inviting you to interview, or you will receive a communication letting you know that you were not selected to interview for that position. Hope this helps!

  17. Roopa says:

    Hi Dani
    I graduated in 2009 and am actively seeking RCG positions in Intel
    This is in regards to an RCG position which a staffing representative contacted me and I completed the HR prescreen questionnaire. Its been a month now and I have not received any communication as to whether I have been selected to interview or not. I have contacted the staffing rep by email and have not received a reply.
    I am anxious to know whether I have been selected and would really appreciate if you could give me a litte insight.Thanks

  18. Praneeth says:

    I wanted to apply for some internships/RCG positions in USA. My question is, can i use the reference of my cousin currently working at Intel in India. He worked for Intel in USA for 10 years and moved to India, now he holds a manager post at Intel in Bangalore, India.
    Thank you

  19. Thanks for the question Roopa. If you have not received an invitation to interview or a message indicating that you have not been selected to interview, it means that the requisition for that position is still open (sometimes a position will be open for a couple of months). You will hear if you are selected to interview or not once when the hiring manager is at the stage when he or she is ready to conduct the interviews.

  20. Hi Praneeth! Yes, you can have your cousin who is an Intel employee in India refer you for positions in the US. Make sure that he uses the “refer a friend”link to refer you. You can also list him as a reference in your resume/CV so that hiring managers could contact him if they desired for input. Good luck!

  21. Sejal says:

    Hi Allen! A current Intel employee can find the “Refer a Friend” tool by going to the “JobsOnline” section of Intel’s internal Circuit site and looking to the right of where current job opportunities are posted.

  22. Amol says:

    Hi Dani,
    I completed my MS in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University in fall 2007.Throughout 2006 and 2007 and for whole of 2008(on OPT) i tried for intern and RCG positions but nothing came through except couple of HR prescreen questionnaires and employment forms where i had filled out all my details including SSN and intent to do a medical.
    I am back to school for second MS program specifically in Computer Engineering and giving a shot at opportunities with Intel again. My online profile is on Intel’s website for near about three years now. Can i apply for RCG positions or only to intern positions. I also worked for some months on OPT but in IT sector,i am back to school and taking mostly hardware courses.
    On my resume honestly speaking would you like to see the projects i did in my last University(including Masters project) or just my current projects and just a mention of MS in Electrical Engineering from previous University.
    It would help me understand how and where i am committing mistakes.

  23. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Amol –
    I’m not sure where you are at in your Computer Engineering MS program, but as a general rule, you’d apply to internship programs if you are more than 18 months out from your graduation date. To be qualified for an internship, you must be returning to a full time school program after the internship is completed. If however you are approaching your graduation, you’d want to apply for RCG positions and not intern positions.
    Intel hires many EE and CE students, so I’d suggest you include projects from both of your MS degrees. I think the experience you got in both of those programs would be relevant for Intel positions so it would probably benefit you to include both (although perhaps just pick the projects most relevant to the type of work you want to do at Intel so that your resume doesn’t get too long.) It would also be good to include the experience you got from your IT work on the resume. Best of luck!

  24. Sara says:

    Is it true that you are not hiring Iranian students anymore? If so, I think your policy should be revised, as it would be a big mistake to discriminate bright Iranian students based on the Iranian’s “regime” behavior, as the same regime tortures and imprisons many of the the students.

  25. Dani Napier says:

    @Sara, Thank you for your question. Intel does not discriminate in hiring practices. In regarding to hiring foreign nationals to fill a U.S. position who require visa sponsorship, Intel’s guideline requires a business group to demonstrate that the person is filling a skilled shortage position for which we experience a shortage of qualified and available U.S. workers. In addition for citizens of certain countries, U.S. Export Control regulations that may restrict and substantially delay our ability to get export licenses for controlled countries for some jobs. Without an approved export license in place first, under U.S. law, Intel is not able to hire an embargoed country national (Iran is an embargoed county). Licenses for embargoed nationals are on a general policy of denial by the U.S. Government.

  26. Andrew Kirk says:

    Hi Dani, I interned with Intel in Spring 2008 for 6 months. Unfortunately, my internship did not go well as I could not meet my manager’s expectations. My mentor assigned me a different task which I completed successfully. After that internship, I went back to school and worked on graduate studies in Computer Engineering. I have improved a lot on my skills set and feel that I am a much better candidate now. I have been applying to positions at Intel again but nothing has worked out so far (my profile on Intel’s website has my WWID). Do you think that my performance in my last internship may affect my chances of getting an interview or job with Intel (even though I have obtained additional technical skills and improved in every aspect compared to past)?

  27. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Andy,
    Congratulations on working with your mentor to deliver successfully on the second project. Good performance includes not just results, but also having good communication skills and being resourceful about getting help when needed in order to improve.
    Hiring for 2010 positions is nearly complete. However you will begin to see more opportunities as the 2011 positions begin to get posted, in the late summer timeframe and continuing through end of year and into the beginning of 2011.
    What I tell all candidates is to make sure you have an up to date resume and profile at In addition, all jobs will be posted at our website and while not totally necessary once your resume and profile are in the system, go ahead and apply to anything that looks interesting and you are qualified for.
    Again, hiring for this year is nearly complete so your best option may be for a position next year.
    Good luck!

  28. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Andy! Without knowing the specifics of your experience, not getting an interview could be due to all sorts of things. Keep in mind that Intel managers look for the top talent, so you are competing for positions within a pool of very elite candidates. It may simply be that there are other candidates who are applying to the same positions as you are, who simply have more or different skills. Since you are a previous Intel intern, check to make sure you are applying with your external email address (not the email address you used while interning at Intel) since that is one of the flags that identifies you as an external, recent college graduate candidate. Lastly and again, 2010 hiring is wrapping up now so there are not a lot of positions still open at this time.

  29. Byll says:

    Hi Dani,
    I would like to confirm couple of things with you:
    you said previously that after being interviewed on site with Intel candidates who are not selected for the job are notified when the job is closed. the selection process can take months when candidates are anxious waiting for the decision why will they wait for until they find the candidate they want before informing the ones not selected as they can just inform people as they interview when the candidate is not suitable for Intel?
    I know that when someone applied and does not get an interview a staffing e-mail is sent to inform him when about when the person has gone on site for an interview is he/she informed the same way ?
    I understand that Intel conducts background check when does this take place ? after on site interview when Intel is ready to make offer or after the offer is made to candidate ? is the candidate informed before background check is done ?
    Thanks Dani

  30. Dani Napier says:

    Hi Byll,
    Hiring teams’ goals are to hire the best fit candidate for the position. Sometimes it takes more time than usual to find the right candidate. You can’t always immediately disposition applicants after you’ve interviewed them. It is a delicate process and it takes time. Background investigations take place after an applicant has accepted the offer. They are informed at that time. Thanks for your comment!

  31. michelle says:

    Is someone with a past conviction automatically denied a position at Intel if the conviction and position they are offered/considered for unrelated? I am graduating with a M.S. in information science and have a conviction from when I was 18 of ‘accessory to a felony after the fact’. It happened in the state of Texas almost 10 years ago which doesn’t allow for expungements of records but I have never been in trouble with the law since. Thanks for any help.

  32. Sejal says:

    Hi Michelle! We’ll need some more information to get you the best response. We’ll follow up with you directly.

  33. Jamiu says:

    Thanks for the great job you are doing with this blog! I recently interviewed at Intel for an entry level position. The interview went well and I was told by at least two people within the hiring team that the decision would come swiftly ( about 2-3 weeks). This is now week 5 and I am yet to hear anything about the outcome of my interview. Being that Intel clearly states that candidates who are not selected will also be informed, I am not assuming the worst at the moment. However, I am wondering if this delay is usual or, how long does it typically take for an interview response to be given? I am an international student in the U.S getting a PhD in EE; could this be the delay? Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  34. Dani says:

    Hi Jamiu! Glad to hear the interview went well! There is no typically response time frame as it depends on how many candidates we have, peoples’ schedules, etc. If you haven’t yet, try following up your recruiter and they may have some more answers for you. Thanks for following us on the blog—glad you enjoy it!

  35. dj says:

    I have been extensively applying to Intel for RCG’s and Interns for the last one year however i have never been called for any job posting even though my projects and work is directly related to the jobs i apply to.One reason i can think of is my GPA is 3.1 which is low and recruiters dont even look at other aspects of my resume.Does the online profile reject you before recruiters see it on basis of GPA? How can I showcase other skills than my resume

  36. Dani says:

    Hi DJ! If the position states a GPA requirement exceeding your GPA, and you’ve answered a related GPA-related prescreening question (i.e. Do you have at least a 3.5 GPA), the tool will not flag you to be considered by a Recruiter (though a recruiter may still review your resume). GPA is one of the factors we look at when screening resumes but there are other things you can do if you have a lower GPA. My suggestion would be to ensure that you are using an Objective, which would be the very first thing a Recruiter would see when reviewing resumes. Also, ensure that any relevant keywords that a Recruiter would be searching the database for are reflected in your resume, to increase the likelihood your resume appears in a query (such as skills you possess that the opening is asking for).

  37. Karl W says:

    Hello, Dani. I had recently applied to some (a bunch) of jobs with Intel, and I got asked to fill out and send a prescreen questionnaire to see if I would get a phone interview. First, I want to ask how in depth should one go when filling this out (e.g. technical strengths)? Second, how long does it usually take to hear back about whether or not you got the interview (I know this can vary, but I’m interested in a broad, ballpark estimate)? Thanks!

  38. @Karl, You should be brief yet thorough when filling out a pre-screen. Give us enough information to get to know your strengths and your aspirations as that will help us determine whether you are a fit. If you are a solid fit, a recruiter could contact you as soon as within a few days. If you are not a fit, you will receive an email saying that you are no longer being considered. Hope that helps!

  39. sahiti says:

    Hi Dani, I have filled out a pre screen questionnaire which was sent to me by one of your recruiters and i filled it and turned in back in the last week of July. It has been attached to my profile online, I am yet to hear from Intel. Is the the time span normal or does it mean otherwise?

  40. Hi Sahiti! If you are a solid fit, a recruiter could contact you as soon as within a few days but this also varies based on the volume of candidates, etc. I’d encourage you to keep applying to positions that fit your skill set and interest. Thanks for your patience! Good luck!

  41. Shripad says:

    I had a query regarding the Intel application process. Please can you let me know whether when applying for more than one position, if any modifications done for one position application say if i delete some attahment or jsut modify some attachment, will it cause all my previously applied applications to have the same changes because when I tried to review my previous submission, it had the same attachments as my latest one though i did not want that to happen. So my previous attachments specific o that position were gone.
    Please do let me know how do i take care of this.
    THanks in advance.

  42. @Shripad, if you apply to more than one position, when you update your resume, it updates it for applications. Also if you have more than one attachment (ie. more than one resume) on you rprofile, the specific attachments you’ve checked for an individual job application will appear in a top section, flagged for the Hiring Manager as relevant for that position. Additional documents will also be available for them to view, but are not highlighted as relevant. If you want to keep previous resumes on file, consider uploading the new resume as a new attachment vs. updating your resume on file. If you have a specific resume for a specific position, you may want to name with the skill/req in the title to call more attention to it.

  43. Shripad says:

    Thanks for the info. But please can you let me know if I delete an attachment of a resume that was applicable for a previous position so that I could have a new resume for the position I am currently applying, would the resume get deleted from that position that I had previously applied to as well?

  44. KC says:

    Hi, I noticed that Intel keeps posting lots of RCG positions. Are they for class of 2010 or 2011? How do I know whether they were designed to be filled in a month or two or in long term like July next year?

  45. @KC, While our strategic hiring is focused on 2011 graduates, we’re always hiring year-round, so this will include 2010 graduates as well :-)
    @Shripad, we’re working on finding an answer to your question–hang tight!

  46. Ricky says:

    Hi Dani,
    I gave telephonic interview last week and i have not got any call for the next interview so that means i have not cleared the 1st round? or how will i get to know about the status? If i am not selected this time, so when can i apply again in intel?

  47. gurudutt says:

    Hi Dani, I gave telephonic interview on 3rd September 2010 and i have not got any call for the next interview,although on website the status is,Job Status: Active (Accepting Job Submissions).how will i get to know about the status?(i.e Selected or not selected) If i am not selected this time, so when can i apply again in intel?

  48. @Ricky and @gurudutt, If it’s been a little while since your interview, try following up with the recruiter you were in contact with. Regardless of whether you continue on to the next round or not, all candidates are informed about their status–though sometimes it takes longer than other times. Regarding applying to additional positions, you can apply to as many positions as you’d like (that are a fit) at the same time, so you could apply right now if you like!

  49. Shripad says:

    Hi! Please can you let me know the answer to my previous question which is worded as given below, as I am running out of time. Thank you.
    “Thanks for the info. But please can you let me know if I delete an attachment of a resume that was applicable for a previous position so that I could have a new resume for the position I am currently applying, would the resume get deleted from that position that I had previously applied to as well? ”

  50. Ricky says:

    Hi Dani,
    I am not selected for the position for which i gave the interview but i want to apply again in intel for the same profile. So, could you please tell me after how much time i can apply again? Now, will they be considering me again for that profile?

  51. @Ricky, I am not sure if the system allows you to apply for a req more than once, especially if you have already applied and didn’t make it through. There are some other steps you can take though:
    • Keep your candidate profile updated with a current resume (make updates as experience is gained)
    • Add briefs of projects that demonstrate the critical skills that the profile req calls for (add additional docs if desired)
    • Keep an eye out for new reqs that call out the skills that the profile req calls for. I’d apply directly to those reqs. Lots of new reqs will be opening soon! Good luck!
    @Shripad, happy to help!

  52. Apratim says:

    I recently appeared for an interview at your Portland location. Today I received an email asking me to fill out some information online (not on the Intel website), including my SSN, address history etc. I was wondering if this is commonly done, since our college career center advises us never to give out our SSN before securing a legitimate offer. Thanks for your help!

  53. @Apratim, Whenever someone is interviewed at Intel, we automatically send them an e-app that comes from a third party vendor we use called Apply Direct. This is a secured form and the only time you’ll be asked by Intel for your SSN. It also has a consent form asking you to commit to a drug test and background check should you receive an offer. We ask for your SSN after an interview so that should you receive an offer, it’s already in our system and will help us speed up the offer process. Thanks for your question! You are doing the right thing by asking first about the form’s legitimacy.

  54. Sahiti says:

    Could you please tell me if there would be any hiring ( /interviewing) for RCGs in this last quarter of the year.

  55. Rikcy says:

    Hi I have more than one job profile active on Intel website. I had one but when i went to career fair the person there create my new profile with his referral. is it ok to have more than one profile? what do I have to do to delete one particular profile. I am concerned because recruiters have contacted me on both the profiles.

  56. Sejal says:

    Hi Ricky! I would advise against having multiple active job profiles–it’s more for you to manage! To delete a profile, email and ask them to remove your candidate profile (and give the email address that relates to that profile) and they should be able to accommodate your request. In the interim, I would consolidate your information into one profile. If you have recruiters contacting you on both profiles, mention that you have more than one profile and direct them to the profile you wish to use. Hope that helps!

  57. Ricky says:

    Hi Sejal,
    Thank you so much for your reply it helped me a lot. I have stopped using my one profile. I was worried that if i send resume removal request they do not remove the profile I am using right now.

  58. Some Colleges may have Talented students but they get poor marks in their academics, what campus guys think about these students do they have any career? please answer…asked by syd.

  59. Anna says:

    Hi Dani,
    I did site interview at Intel in Chandler about three weeks ago and I have never heard back from them. I sent an email to my contact person (administrative assistant!) a weeks ago and she did not reply either. I am wondering what happened! Should I still apply for the open positions or I will not be considered anymore.

  60. @Anna, Yes, please keep applying. I’m sorry they haven’t gotten back to you yet, but sometimes they have to work with MANY calendars and schedules to have feedback meetings on candidate interviews. Be patient with them and continue to look at other opportunities! Thanks!

  61. Jenny says:

    Dear Dani,
    I would like to apply computer assembly, but I don’t know where can I get the application form? I have two years of experience in assembling. Could you please help me. Thank you very much!
    Jenny Lee

  62. @Jenny – the best way to apply to jobs with Intel is to visit Run a search of key words for positions you are most interested in, at the locations you are interested in. When you find those jobs, apply directly to them. Each job has its’ own “mini application” where specific questions are answered with regards to the skills required. Completing that process is the best way to be seen by recruiters here! Best of luck!

  63. Rikcy says:

    i got an email from id “” which says:
    I came across your resume and wanted to determine interest and qualifications for a fulltime opportunity in Phoenix, AZ.
    Please review position below. If interested, please attach an updated copy of your resume, preferably in a MS Word document. As part of our preliminary process, please complete the following questionnaire and return via email. When finished apply to position utilizing 587055; . Thank you for your interest in Intel.”
    below this email there is a job description. . If I go on Intel’s website and try to find a position by this req number nothing comes up.
    and also although its mentioned that i have to return my updated resume with this email there is no email id to return mail. I dont know what to do please help me out.
    also to mention that this position is never opened as i apply daily to intel’s website and I keep track of all the positions.

  64. @Riken – I’m sorry. You are right. That position is no longer available to me either. Which, unfortunately means, I am not sure who matched you to that, or what it was for. I looked at your profile and noticed that one of our recruiters recently put a note in your record. I will ask her to reach out to you! Thanks!

  65. riken says:

    Thanks US College Recruiting Team,
    I got an email yesterday from a recruiter about that position he said that that position has been canceled.
    Now, I have one more question, you said that the one of the recruiters had put a note in my profile what does that mean?

  66. Our recruiters put notes in profiles when they are reaching out to candidates, or considering them! That is all I meant by that. I was able to see who submitted you on that because she put a note in your profile that she was considering you for the opening! :)