A woman checks her health stats from the comfort of her home thanks to remote patient monitoring.

Accelerate Adoption of Remote Care to Dramatically Reduce Costs

By David P. Ryan on
There are many challenges to the long-term viability of our healthcare systems. An increasingly older and growing population demanding care amid a shortage of qualified personnel. A shift from infectious to more costly chronic disease management. An evolving policy and … Read more >
A person looks at a mirror.

Using Data to Create Personalized Experiences for a Better Bottom Line

By Jose Avalos on
The Need for Personalization Today’s retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Brands have to rely and work with not only brick-and-mortar chains, but with websites around the world, many of which operate on thinner margins. Brands that are trying … Read more >
Smart streetlight sensors.

Illuminating New Business Opportunities with Smart Lighting

By Sameer Sharma on
Now that most people live in cities, urban areas are the de facto laboratories of the future. Cities drive innovation because of their swelling populations, professional networks, and perhaps most important, the richness of data they offer. Information is everywhere, … Read more >
Two humans look at a tablet.

Facial Detection and AI Helping Customize Retail Experiences

By Jose Avalos on
When shopping online, today’s customers want all the personalization of an in-store experience. And when they walk into a brick-and-mortar store, they want continuity from this online experience, based on the choices they made across all other touchpoints. Savvy retailers … Read more >