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Smaller Devices Through Radio Integration

Wireless connectivity is a prerequisite in most user devices today, from laptops, to phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. Usually radios reside on a separate die from the application processor, resulting in bulkier devices. Integration of the radio and application processor would enable smaller form factors for slimmer devices (maybe even miniature wearable devices), and can also reduce the cost of the overall solution. The low cost of such integrated processor+radio platform can further enable a host of new applications towards the vision of the “internet of things” where devices such as home appliances, sensors, etc communicate with each other, exchange information and can be actuated remotely.

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Many cores + many minds = many possibilities

I wanted to give an important update related to our research on future microprocessor architectures, particularly the “many-core” processors envisioned by our Tera-scale Computing Research Program. Last December, Intel Labs demonstrated the latest concept vehicle to emerge from this program, … Read more >