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Introducing two “Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers”

Today, it’s a pleasure for me to report that Intel and Microsoft are joining forces to accelerate the mainstream adoption of highly parallel computing technology. Together, the two companies are pioneering the concept of industry-funded “Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers” … Read more >

Andrew Chien on UPCRC is a Major Commitment to Long-range Parallel Computing Research

I can’t help but feel the excitement and optimism that accompanies the launching of a bold new venture which will involve nearly 90 talented researchers focused on parallel computing. We’ve got great partners in Microsoft, Berkeley, and Illinois, an exciting … Read more >

Is anyone dumb enough to think yet another parallel language will solve our problems? I MIGHT be!

I have been pleased by the attention my blog on choice overload has received. I must admit, I overstated things a bit just to get people talking … and on that count, I clearly succeeded. In my present blog, I’d … Read more >

Groundhog Day: A Personal Perspective on Multi-core Computing

In the 1993 comedy “Groundhog Day”, Bill Murray finds himself reliving the same (eponymous) day again and again until he mends his ways and becomes a better person. Nearly twenty years ago, when I entered graduate school, parallel computing was … Read more >