Applications can be protected against runtime attacks! by Ravi Sahita

We have seen regular reports from security vendors of malware becoming increasingly stealthier and polymorphic. Most countermeasures have focused in the area of reactive approaches such as anti-virus scanning, which doesn’t help much here. Intrusion prevention systems help, but are … Read more >

Madeleine Glick on Polymer waveguides for high speed board-level optical interconnects

The continued growth of data rates in servers, routers and high-bandwidth computing systems has led to an increased interest in optical backplanes for these applications. Data rates in the backplane are increasing to several Gbps/channel and higher. The trend to … Read more >

Andrew Chien on UPCRC is a Major Commitment to Long-range Parallel Computing Research

I can’t help but feel the excitement and optimism that accompanies the launching of a bold new venture which will involve nearly 90 talented researchers focused on parallel computing. We’ve got great partners in Microsoft, Berkeley, and Illinois, an exciting … Read more >