SC14: Intel Previews Differentiated Storage Services in the Enterprise Edition for Lustre* Software.

Michael Mesnier, our guest blogger, is a Principal Engineer in Intel Labs With the explosion of big data and cloud computing, the ability to store large amounts of data efficiently has become more important than ever.  This is especially challenging in the … Read more >

Congratulations to the U.S. 2013 PhD Fellowship and Early Career Faculty Honor Program Awardees

2013 U.S. PhD Fellowship and Early Career Faculty Honor Program Awardees Each year, Intel invests in universities around the globe to promote and encourage the best and brightest ideas and talent.  As part of this initiative we are pleased to … Read more >

Intel Labs announces the formation of the Intel Strategic Research Alliance (ISRA) on energy-efficient security for SoC devices in Brazil

SoC-based devices are expected to proliferate significantly in the coming years. One well-known source projects the total number of Internet connected devices globally to reach 25 billion by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020. Securing SoC-based devices and their associated … Read more >

Transformable CPUs: Having your cake and eating it too

Chris Wilkerson is a senior staff research scientist at Intel Labs, Hillsboro, Oregon.  He is interested in all things technical, and has published papers on a number of micro-architectural topics including low voltage and power efficient CPU microarchitecture, and cache and … Read more >

Connected Visual Computing: The Next Level in Human-computer Interaction by Inga Vailionis

Today at an intel developer forum press briefing, Intel Fellow Jim Held provided us with some insights into CVC, or Connected Visual Computing. He discussed what projects and technologies researchers at Intel are working on for enabling it. To me, … Read more >