Research and ideas regarding Cloud Gaming

At the recent Cloud Gaming USA conference in San Francisco I gave a technical talk that covered three challenges – and therefore opportunities for research – with the current state of cloud gaming. The main topics were:

  1. The games today offered by cloud gaming vendors are just the same as their PC or console versions. However: A powerful cloud could do much more! Three examples (ray tracing, voxel rendering and photo-realistic rendering) are given on what cool improvements could emerge.
  2. Latency is a big topic. However the first thought of just focusing on the internet latency is wrong. There are many other sources of latency in the chain which are discussed in detail and suggestions on how to fix those are given.
    7 sources for latency
  3. Sufficient bandwidth is at least as important. The upcoming boost in screen resolutions could soon be the biggest challenge for cloud gaming.
Also a dry run of the talk is available for streaming:

What are your thoughts on cloud gaming today? How do you think this topic will develop over the next five years?

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