Collaborating for the future in Taiwan

This week Intel Labs is partnering with the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) of Taiwan to establish the Intel and ITRI Research Collaboration (IIRC). Intel conducts collaborative research in many areas with industry partners to explore different technology approaches. The purpose of this collaboration is to drive innovations that will shape the future of Information Technology. 

The first project under the collaboration is focused on the future of memory technologiesused in computing devices such as ultrabooks, laptops, tablets, and handhelds. By creating memories with much greater energy efficiency, these mobile devices will be better equipped to handle the data-intensive applications of the future. 

Our earlier collaborative work on memoryfor HPC has been very productive, so we were interested in a collaboration to explore further innovations in interconnect and memory architecture with a particular focus on mobile computing devices. 

Given that focus, our newly designated Taiwan Scientist in Residence, Dr. Wen-Hann Wang, suggested ITRI as a potential partner with close ties to industry and a proven record of making an impact with their research. For example, they helped to establish the semiconductor foundry industry with spin-outs such as TSMC. Their charter is a good match to Intel Labs, and they enjoy excellent relations with a broad cross section of the Taiwan IT industry that includes memory design houses, foundries as well as leading computing device OEMs & ODMs. Through ITRI, we may involve many of these industry players over time. 

Through Wen-Hann we connected with Dr. Cheng-Wen Wu, VP of ITRI and General Director of Information and Communications Research Labs, to set up the project which is starting under the very capable direction of our Dr. Shih-Lien Lu

I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive collaboration.

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