Intel invites you to submit a proposal for an Intel Science and Technology Center

Intel is a major sponsor of academic research all over the world. We support research in many academic fields ranging from silicon technology to cloud applications. In most of our engagements with academia we contribute more than funds and equipment, that is, we establish an open dialog and exchange of research challenges and ideas among Intel leading technologists, faculty and students.

My team, called Academic Programs and Research, is supporting academic research using several different programs. Some programs are more directed and aimed at solving a specific technology bottleneck (details by our Academic Research Office in Other research programs, have wider span and are aimed at advancing the state of the art in research areas of growing importance to the consumer and the IT industry. Recently, we have identified several such research areas: visual computing, secure computing, cloud computing, embedded computing and pervasive computing. To accelerate innovation in these areas, we have already launched in recent months four research centers, called Intel Sciences and Technology Centers (ISTCs). Each such center, is hosted in a leading US university and it includes several additional universities. Our vision is for a center to build the best research community to advance the selected research topic. This community will encompass a large group of faculty and students, thoughts leaders and researchers from Intel and, likely, additional sponsors and participants from industry and government. We want this community to work together, to ignite each other innovation and to march toward common research goals. The mix of researchers from Intel, which have hands on the leading industrial technology and knowledge of the market together with young and brilliant students and faculty from several diverse university research groups is very promising and this what we are after. Intel Science and Technology Centers are operating in an open IP model. All research results will be published and all significant software will be released open source. We believe that the openness of the IP Model is important for enabling cooperation and for achieving the maximum progress in the chosen research area to the benefit of all consumers and Intel’s customers.

On Aug-3 2011, we have announced an open call for abstracts in which we are inviting faculty from US universities to submit an abstract of a proposal for a new ISTC. We are inviting the academic community in the US to help us identify additional areas of research that, on the one hand, have potential to make important impact on end-users and businesses and, on the other hand, are on the verge of technology breakthrough and new game changing capabilities.

Faculty and students involved with Intel Science and Technology Centers are gaining both additional funds to support their research and the opportunity to make an impact on the real world with their inventions. The road from good ideas to end-products is usually long and hard and many excellent technologies never make their mark on the world due to this challenge. I strongly believe that the ISTC model of collaboration between industry and academia will dramatically strengthen the pipeline of technologies from academia to industry and will benefit the US economy. I have already attended several workshops and events organized by the Secure Computing ISTC hosted by University of California, Berkeley and the Visual Computing ISTC hosted by Stanford University. The energy level, the openness, the amount of new ideas and the number of new collaborations was heart-warming.

Do not delay and submit your suggestion before 11:59pm PDT, September 2, 2011. For more details see

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