Research within Intel’s Academic Centers focused on improving visual experience

Here are my thoughts on Research within Intel’s Academic and Research Centers.

At this booth, I got an overview of visual computing research centers and its focus area with some cool demos. These centers create a community of researchers across US and Europe to drive visual computing research ground work for next generation visual computing applications. The two visual computing centers:







Intel visual Computing Institute (Leaders across Europe) at Saarland is focused on 3D internet, Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds and Scalable Rendering

Intel Scientific and Technical Computing for Visual Computing (ISTC-VC) consist of leaders in visual computing across US and is focused on content creation, real-time scalable simulations, perceiving people and places.

Among all these focus areas; the center is also looking at underlying hardware platforms that are going to allow the applications to run affectively in the next few years.


These two centers are building community that in combination can drive visual computing technology development in many ways to improve user experience. Intel will inject latest and greatest innovations into Intel and then go through revisions and finally find a way into products to provide the experiences the users really want!

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Divya Kolar

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Divya Kolar holds a M.S in Computer Science conferred in 2006 from Portland State University. She joined Intel in 2005 and has previously worked as a Software Engineer where she was an active researcher in various security and manageability technologies like Intel® Active Management Technology. Today she is a Vision Strategist in the Intel’s largest research group and is responsible to promote Intel technologies to external media partners besides performing ecosystem enabling and competitive technology analysis for Intel Labs’ microprocessor research. Besides her responsibilities at Intel she has always been enthusiastic in promoting and encouraging young adults to stay in computing. She is an active board member for the largest women employee group at Intel and has been an active member in Anita Borg Institute and local SWE chapters since 2007 and has conducted multiple presentations at these conferences for over 5 years.

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