Wolfenstein gets ray traced – on your tablet!

Since the last entry on this Research Blog about the cloud-based Wolfenstein: Ray Traced demothere have been several enhancements.

The previous setup that required four separate machines each with one Knights Ferry card (Intel MIC) inside has been changed to a configuration where the cloud is represented by having a single server with four Knights Ferry cards. We showed this setup at CeBIT 2011.












This time at the Research@Intel Day 2011 we extended the setup to also work on Intel-powered tablets. We are demonstrating this on the Lenovo S10-3t (10 inch) and on the Viliv S5 UMPC (5 inch). Due to the lower screen resolution a cloud setup with one machine with one Knights Ferry per client is enough to feed the tablet at a frame rate of 20-30 fps.









Cloud-based gaming approaches could lead to a situation where it doesn’t matter where you are or which device you have to play your favorite game.

Further detail about the implementation and the benefits of using cloud-based ray tracing for games can be found in the paper “Experimental Cloud-based Ray Tracing Using Intel® MIC Architecture for Highly Parallel Visual Processing”.


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