Enhancing everyday experiences

Technology comes in all shapes and sizes these days. We have smart phones, smart remotes, smart cameras – but what are some of the ways these devices can make our lives easier, safer, and more fun? Researchers at Intel’s lab in Seattle are exploring ways that sensors and smart devices can change the way we work, play and live. At the recent lab open house, many of these projects were on display: From a TV remote that can recognize who is using it, to a robot that plays chess, to fire breathing lego dragons.

Many of the research projects used 3D cameras to provide an enhanced experience, whether it was playing games, making dinner or exploring the world around us. A robot played chess with people who were brave enough to match wits, patiently waiting its turn, delicately moving up a pawn or capturing a knight.

Playing legos gets another level of fun with real-time computer vision, 3D cameras, micro-projections and gesture recognition and object tracking….not to mention being really cool!!

Researchers are also exploring ways sensors can be used to enhance our daily activities. For example, a TV remote with a simple sensor uses machine learning to recognize who is holding it, and can work with a smart TV to create a personalized user experience.

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