Future Lab: Measuring Vineyard Yields

There are numerous practical applications for computer vision but typically the cost of gathering the data has been time consuming and expensive. Researchers at Intel Labs and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh are looking at low cost, reliable ways that computers can help farmers manage and track their crop yield. Deploying low cost sensors in a vineyard and using off the shelf cameras, they are building computer models that can distinguish grapes hidden among leaves and shadows.

Check out the latest Future Lab podcast to find out more about this research project.

2 Responses to Future Lab: Measuring Vineyard Yields

  1. Daniel says:

    There are already vineyards in Napa using similiar technology to measure soil moisture, heat, etc to monitor grape growing, watering schedule etc. What is new about this utilization of technology?

  2. Cheryl Miller says:

    @Daniel: Our work is complementary to the use of existing sensors such as for temperature and soil moisture. We are investigating the use of cameras as sensors in conjunction with computer vision techniques to non-destructively estimate crop load and canopy throughout the growing season.