Justin Rattner aims to change our relationship with technology – IDF Keynote 2010


Justin Rattner, Intel CTO and director, Intel Labs, presented a compelling vision of the future in his IDF 2010 keynote yesterday entitled, Context: How it Will Really Change Everything. Justin outlined how context will be used to capture information about our daily lives which will enable our mobile devices to become true personal assistants. Context will enable technology to offer travel choices based on preferences entered or detected, track elderly people in order to predict or detect falls, or in fact ensure that we don’t accidentally send a picture to our boss of the sporting event we are attending when we are supposed to be working.

The concept of context-aware computing has been stirring in the research community for decades. Justin acknowledged the late Mark Weiser of Xerox PARC who articulated the original vision back in 1991. As technology has advanced since then, the potential for truly context aware computing is now able to become a reality.

According to Justin, context is everything and that makes it complex. If we get it right, it will propel an entire new set of experiences.

For a copy of Justin’s presentation and to review his keynote, visit the IDF Press Kit on the Intel Press Room.

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