Revving up for Research Day – How’d they do that?

Researchers are having fun preparing for the 9th annual Research@Intel media event coming up this Wednesday, June 30th. Ever wonder how you’d get a vehicle on the 2nd story of a museum? Check out the time lapse video below, the Intel Labs team air lifts their version of the future Smart Car up into the Computer History Museum, and have some fun along the way.

The smart car will be on display Wednesday – showing off the labs version of virtuali in-car experience, that using netbooks and smart phones to connect to the vehicle over the Internet for remote engine start, adjust cabin temperature, access vehicle cameras for surveillance, lock/unlock doors and arm/disarm alarm. The futuristic car is also equipped with impact and proximity sensors, sends alerts to connected devices over the Internet when impact is sensed or an object is detected within surveillance zone. It can even detect other vehicles’ distance and objects in our blind spots to alert drivers and prevent accidents.

Mark your calendar for June 30th and watch Research@Intel Day in the video player at this blog, you can see the car in action.

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