A peek into Research@Intel Day (coming June 30th)

Intel’s annual press event to showcase the latest in innovation from our labs is coming up June 30th, Research@Intel Day. If you can’t make this event in person, definitely visit this blog – and watch the viewer where a few of the lab’s projects will be broadcasted live that day, including a futuristic electric car and computers that read minds.

A few months ago, Rocketboom’s Elspeth Rountree visited Intel’s Pittsburgh Lab where some of the research is invented, a lot oft imes in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. Check out the video’s below – and you’ll get an idea of what Intel will show off next week:

2 Responses to A peek into Research@Intel Day (coming June 30th)

  1. Patrick Lismore says:

    Hi Cheryl Miller ,
    I was advised to try and get in contact with you from @Intelinside , I am the entrepreneur behind a new tech startup, I have to speak to someone involved with Intel Labs “Project Sense” , I can see a place in my company for this research technology.
    I’d like to have my company work with Intel Research/Labs to get this technology out of the labs , out of research and implemented across the world.
    Can you help me get speaking to someone in Intel Associated with Project Sense.
    best regards
    Patrick Lismore

  2. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your interest in this research project. However, our researchers don’t handle taking products to market or investing in external ventures. I would suggest you work with Intel Capital, our investment branch, to see if there is a viable business opportunity in this area.
    Good luck!