Live From Research Day – June 30th

Intel labs will soon be showing off some of the most exciting futuristic technology they are working on, at their annual Research @ Intel Day media event. Since not everyone will be able to make it in person, we’ll demonstrate the top projects live at this blog (on June 30th). Please mark your calendar and visit this link to catch a glimpse of the future through Intel labs “crystal ball”.

A few examples of types of things to expect:

Energy – from wireless power, to using your own body movements to “over-the-counter” sensors, how technology is going to enable consumers to become more informed of their energy consumption and manage it better.

Transportation – Intel Labs vision of the future “smart car”. A car will be on display equipped with the latest in research for transportation. An atom phone that controls temp and more, LED lights with the ability to communicate for accident avoidance, access to the cloud and if impact occurs, car records audio/video, and smart charging for energy efficiency.

New interface to computers – Goodbye Keyboard & Mouse. Hello: hand gestures, surface projection & mind reading. Intel Labs predicts all new ways of interacting with technology. At the event, experience speech recognition, robots, computers who read minds, and laptops, mobile phones using cameras that can recognize gestures and mini projection to turn regular kitchen tables into touch screens.

Cloud – research for visual and cloud computing, context awareness and how Intel plans to deal with the flood of data that is upon us. Includes a large 3D “wall” display with a rear projection screen and polarized glasses to allow an immersive experience for the audience

Platform Innovation – innovations in the labs for future Intel platforms, including virtualization, resiliency/circuits research, wimax platform power management and more.

There will be a live episode every hour on June 30th. Complete schedule is below (in pacific time). Please mark your calendar and join live here!

– 10:00am: Justin Rattner Welcome Keynote

– 11:00am: Transportation: the Future Electric Car

– 12:00 pm: Energy: Wireless power, power harvesting using human body movements

– 1:00 pm: User experience: mind reading, sensors and projection

– 2:00 pm: Cloud & Internet: Water Wars game and low power visual perception

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